Walmart Lawsuits and Settlements 

The company Walmart Inc. was established in 1969, and till 1970, it had 38 stores with 1,500 workers and $44.2 million in sales.

Now, Walmart owns 11,500 stores worldwide, with 2.2 million workers among which 1.5 million are in the U.S. 

Lawsuits Against Walmart

The first lawsuit filed against Walmart was in 2001. The lawsuit was established in Kentucky Eastern District Court.


The lawsuit settlement states that Walmart overcharged the product price and violated the Federal Trade Commission guidelines as well.


The plaintiffs accused the firm that it intentionally mislabeled the paychecks of some employees with the label Wal-mart instead of Walmart.


Class action lawsuits are expensive and time consuming. Moreover, these cases are very complex and takes longer time to settle.