Daily Car Accident Statistics in Houston

Houston is a jam-packed city with a population of over 2.326 million. It is a mixture of private and business territories. By and large, about 1.3 million vehicles are running on the streets of Houston consistently thus, increased chances of accidents. Shockingly, the quantity of mishaps has caused significant damage in the last few years. How many fatal car accidents per day? On average, auto accidents caused 3,287 deaths per day.

How many people die in car accidents daily? 8 years ago in 2012, the Texas Department of Transportation announced the number of accidents that happened in Huston was 47,585. Fatalities resulting from Texas vehicle accidents occurred daily or how many people die daily from car accidents? Nearly 900 deaths occurred on the road during the first four (4) months of 2020.

There are several causes behind that. Improper maintenance of cars and not abiding by the driving laws cause daily breeze car accidents. Other reasons include late-night rough driving, traffic, and congestion. No matter the cause, every life lost in a car accident is a matter of concern. How many car crashes a day? Every day, almost 3,700 people are killed globally in road traffic crashes involving cars.

There are a few causes behind that. The significant causes are not keeping the proper maintenance of the vehicles and not following the driving laws properly. Drinking and driving are also one of the major causes of accidents. Nationwide every 45 minutes, someone dies due to accidents involving drunk driving and Huston is no exception.

Official Statistics as per the Texas Department of Transportation

As per the 2018 report of the Texas Department of Transportation the statistics of accidents happening daily in Huston are below.

Distracted Driving Crashes

More than 398 people died due to the lack of following the driving laws properly. All it takes just a couple of seconds to get distracted to cause a car crash. Many car accidents happen due to distracted driving.

Every 2 hours and 45 minutes, a person dies in a car accident in Huston. The car accidents usually befall late light between 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. Most of the people associated with accidents are youngsters.

Drunken Driving Crashes

The effect of liquor on the number of vehicle collisions and fatalities identified with crashes in Huston is clear while inspecting measurements given by the Texas Department of Transportation. Casualty rates for drivers who are drunk enough to meet or surpass the legitimate blood alcohol content (BAC) cutoff of 0.080 almost 50 percent. More than 940 individuals died in a car crash due to drunk driving.

Drivers between the ages of 21 and 25 had the most elevated number of driver fatality rates that could be added to alcoholic driving. Almost 50% of the drunk-driving accidents where drivers die are under 30.

The best thing to stop these accidents is not to drive at any cost If you are drunk.

Serious Injury Crashes

A sum of 12,161 genuine injury crashes occurred and 14,908 accidents in which individuals by one way or another were seriously injured.

Indeed, that is a huge number. Over 80% of individuals who get severely injured die within a month of the accident due to the injuries they sustained. The fortunate individuals who happen to survive the fatal accidents usually have to bear the loss of a limb of face other life-threatening issues due to the critical injuries. They end up in a lifelong struggle of physical and mental health problems.

The fatalities of vehicle accidents result in so many people losing their lives every year. In 2018 on 11th November 25 people died in a car crash making it the deadliest day of Huston. A month before that accident, in October 332 people lost their lives in an accident triggered by distracted driving.

What to do when you’re involved in a Car Accident?

With the above insights, it very well may be reasoned that car accidents happen regularly in Houston. Tragically, if you are engaged with an auto crash, you have to take appropriate measures to diminish your misfortunes however much as could be expected. Employing a personal injury lawyer is significant. He will propose you the best and assist you with experiencing the settlement cycle. If you are not the one who is guilty of the accident, going for a settlement will help you make with an increase for monetary and non-financial damages. Go for a legal counselor who is experienced in this area of expertise and can assist you with his years of experience.


Much the same as the whole world, auto crashes occur in Houston as well. However, you should realize that Houston has the absolute best law offices to deal with your injury settlement case.