Plaintiff in Criminal Lawsuits

who is the plaintiff in a criminal lawsuit

By making a plea or petition, the plaintiff is the one individual who brings a case to court. More commonly, an applicant is sometimes referred to as a plaintiff in civil law litigation these days. That is, the person making a lawsuit against the other person is the claimant or plaintiff. For jury disputes and … Read more

10 things about Copyright Law that every blogger should know

things of copyright law

Introduction: In the early days of the internet, there was no proper legal framework for regulating the internet. Copyrighted content was freely available, shared, and distributed. This caused many copyright holders to file lawsuits and claim damages against huge names like Napster, Limewire, and Pirates Bay. These days, however, the copyright laws on the internet … Read more

Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement Amount

car accident lawsuit settlement amount

The busiest country in the world, in terms of traffic, is the United States. According to the statistical information, in the US, approximately 280 million vehicles are operating on the roads, and similarly, 227.5 million people carry a driving license. As per these statistics, the risk of accidents directly increases; thus, car accidents in the … Read more

How can you grow your small Law Firm

small law firm

Are you struggling to grow your law firm? Do you have any idea how to manage a small law firm? If you are already successfully practicing law on your own, it is great indeed. However, as your experience enriches with time, it could become very challenging for you to organize yourself. Definitely, when your client-base … Read more