Settlements For Neck And Back Injury From Car Accident?

Have you ever thought about why isn’t any protection available for your neck injuries in case of a car accident? It is a fact the neck injuries – that people suffer – after an accident are often left untreated, ultimately leading to long-term suffering and pain.

In the United States, car accident is the primary cause of inflicting neck injury, with over 80,000 car accidents reported every year. You must be interested in knowing the common symptoms for neck and back injury from a car accident and what could be the possible settlement amount for such injuries.

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Symptoms To Look For In Neck Injury After A Car Accident

Any sort of discomfort, back pain, or symptoms that unusually occur after a car accident – because of the negligence of another driver – should be considered as an alarming condition before any prolonged suffering. Often times, you don’t feel the pain right after the accident or you take the symptoms for granted. The symptoms may appear after several hours.

One can notice the severe effects of neck injuries or back pain, only after a CT scan or MRI conducted by a medical professional. That is why seeking medical treatment after a car accident is highly recommended to know how much compensation you can claim against your injuries.

Consulting a car accident lawyer/personal injury lawyer soon after the collision, is another rational act to protect your financial future.

Types Of Neck And Back Injury From A Car Accident

The neck and back are the most fragile parts of our body that we often neglect until they hurt. The capability of moving and lifting things totally depends on the strength and health of your neck and back. You can become handicap for life, if any unfortunate traumatic event occurs, when were still nursing the injuries.

Check out some examples of the injuries that may occur after a car accident.

Neck Sprain: Neck sprain is often known as whiplash, often occurs after an end-to-end collision. A sprain can also result in the stretch of the neck muscle which is quite painful, making it tough to move your head around, and needs medical help to avoid the suspected stroke that may lead to spinal cord injury.

Cervical Fracture: The cervical bones, that form the spinal cord at our back, provide the much-needed support to our neck and its movement. When an unexpected fracture happens to the cervical bones, it hinders the person to do any kind of work, and can affect a person’s entire life. Such injuries take months and years to heal.

Herniated discs: These slim discs sit between the cervical bones of the spinal cord. These discs act as a cushion for the spine that provides support to the cervical bones for a person to move properly. If the discs move, they cause tingling and numbness, eventually affecting your everyday life.

Average Settlements For Neck And Back Injury From A Car Accident

For the financial settlement, nobody can estimate the cost of an average settlement because the amount depends on several factors.

The severity of the injury, and the effective details with powerful evidence can favor you in your claim. But for an idea of what should you expect from a car accident settlement, take a look at some of the settled injury lawsuits below.

  • $525,000 Financial Settlement For A Neck And Back Injury

Before filing the personal injury claim against the defender, the insurer offered compensation of $45,000. By using clear evidence and details, the personal attorney made the compensation of $525,000 for the client, who suffered a neck and back injury after the collision.

  • $425,000 Compensation For A Lower Back Injury

A female driver suffered a lower back injury as a result of a rear-end collision. Treatment for the injuries led her to have several surgeries. $265,000 was offered before the litigation that ended up with an award of $425,000 in settlements.

  • $380,000 For Herniated Disc Surgery

The client was at the railroad crossing when the accident happened. The insurance company tried to prove that the client had prevalent issue with herniated discs, while they were not. Personal attorney successfully made the settlements for $380,000 for his client who required surgeries to get his back right.

The process of compensation – in case of car accident -can be left to the personal injury attorneys. But remember that recovery during the trial should be your top priority. By entrusting your case to an experienced and trustworthy attorney – assuring that your case is in safe hands -you should focus on getting medical treatment and surgery, if required, first.