Boy scouts sexual abuse – Deadline for victims

Boy Scouts America has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of an avalanche of boy scouts abuse report by the victims. Originally, the abuse victims had two years to file a report against BSA, but after the BSA bankruptcy report, the court has shortened the deadline to report the cases. The new deadline is November 16th of 2020. The abuse survivors need to file the report within the deadline by 5 p.m. If anyone fails to do so, they won’t be considered and will not be able to claim the compensation.

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Who can file a claim for boy scouts abuse?

Everyone and anyone is eligible to file the claim if they have been abused. For instance, if you or your loved one have survived boy scouts abuse, you must know about the boy scout lawsuit, speak up and seek justice. The claim can be made, regardless of which type of boy scouts abuse you have suffered and when you have gone through it. Even if it wasn’t recent, you may still be eligible.

If you have already made a claim against BSA by reporting at the hotline or filing a lawsuit, but think that there is much more to report even though you’ve reached a settlement agreement, then you can still make a claim.

Keep in mind that boy scouts lawsuit and boy scouts abuse is not just limited to the scoutmaster and the victim, but it can be anyone. It can be between two scouts, the assistant scoutmaster, and the scout, etc.

Moreover, if you are a victim of boy scouts sexual abuse, then you must fill the sexual abuse survivor form. However, if you have experienced physical abuse, emotional abuse, or bullying, then you must fill out the general proof of claim.

Why are there two different forms for reporting abuse?

As stated above, both forms have their respective authority. These forms are made to help the court to distinguish the intensity of the boy scouts abuse. Moreover, it will also be helpful to determine the legal merit of the claims. Each form includes different sections in a methodical way to obtain all the required information needed for the legal analysis. It is highly advisable that when the survivors are filling out any form, they must be very specific with the answers and must provide all the details that they remember.

If you don’t remember the accurate details of what had happened, you must still provide all the information you think would make your case stronger. If you are confused as to what things you must add and whatnot, then you can also consult an attorney. They can guide you with the procedures and documentation that you must include.

Moreover, if you are planning to hire a lawyer, then it is highly recommended that you get them on a contingency fee basis. It means you won’t have to pay them until you receive your compensation. And make sure that they have a good amount of experience in handling abuse cases.

Source: PBS News Hour

Where can you find claim forms and how to submit them?

Claim forms are available electronically on the official website of BSA.

If you are a victim of boy scouts sex abuse, then find your form on However, if you are looking for general forms you can find them at

Both of these forms can be submitted either electronically or by mail. It will make sure that your privacy is not compromised.

You can make a claim even if you are not a recent victim. Those who suffered recent boy scouts abuse are making claims; a fact that makes old survivors question if they still can file a claim. The answer to this question is yes! Regardless of the period, you can make a claim.

The legal merit of the case would be decided by the judge once after all the claims are received. For now, just focus on getting justice and make a claim regardless. Moreover, a few states have lifted up the time restrictions by passing a ‘look back’ window.

What compensation will you get?

As of now, the monetary amounts have not been specified yet. The exact sum will be revealed once the bankruptcy case proceeds. Everything will be based on how much assets this organization has and what debts are payable. Once the case gets into the process, all the details would be revealed.

The case may take up a few years and the victims will receive their compensation after the court’s verdict. However, it is important to raise a voice against injustice.

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