Wrong Medication Lawsuit Settlement

After being discharged from the hospital or completing treatment from a healthcare professional, you must have received a prescription of a medication that you have to take for some time. But what if it turns out to be wrong for you? Being prescribed the wrong medication from a doctor can lead to disastrous damages that would result in excessive medical bills that are difficult to bear alone.

If you have been wrongly prescribed something as a result of medical malpractice by a nurse, doctor, or physician, they would not pay for the damages from their pockets. In such a case, you must consult with an experienced attorney, who will help you recover the damages suffered or cost incurred.

Medical Malpractices

Medication mistakes happen when either a nurse, doctor, or healthcare professional prescribes you the wrong medication or the wrong dosage altogether. Sometimes, the consequences a patient may face after taking the wrong medication dosage can be minimal. But in some cases, a patient can suffer serious damages followed by expensive treatments, emotional or mental disabilities, and even death.

Medication mistakes can take place at any point in your treatment process. These are some possible circumstances where a medication error may happen:

  • Poor handwriting script of a doctor.
  • When a drug label is mistakenly mislabeled by the manufacturers.
  • When a doctor intentionally oversees a patient’s record and says a patient has allergies to a particular medication.
  • When a prescription is wrongly made
  • When a pharmacist gives you alternate medication.
  • When a doctor fails to provide information about the side effects of the medications.

What Are Your Legal Options?

Taking legal action against a big organization can be risky – and representing your case by yourself multiplies the risks. Although every person has the right to represent his case in the court, large pharma companies and organizations are resourceful in these types of claims, they possess a whole group of legal experts to refuse and counter your claims. That’s the reason, people are advised to take help from experienced professional attorneys in medication malpractice cases.

Some of the questions that are asked by the plaintiffs are, “What can be the average settlement amount for medical malpractice, pharmacy malpractice, or a physician’s wrongdoing?”

The answer to these questions revolve around many factors that usually exist in common cases. It will not be accurate to determine the settlement amount as every damage is different and every case has its own severity.

An average settlement can be determined by calculating the whole economic damage you have suffered from the malpractice of any of the said types. This can include:

  • The loss of monthly income you bore during the time of recovery.
  • Loss of employment.
  • The hospitalization costs.
  • The cost required in the future for the treatment or care to recover from the damage.
  • The loss of earnings due to permanent or long-term disability.

To make your case a successful lawsuit, you must identify a specific liability and must prove that the organization is responsible for the loss. For a medication malpractice claim, you also need to prove the negligence of the healthcare provider or the professional who prescribed you the medication.

The value of a wrong medication lawsuit settlement can be over $12,000 if a person is excessively injured and has affected his/her life. However, the value can be over $250,000 if you lose your employment due to the damage or disability. Sometimes the organizations found guilty have to pay the settled amount that is worth over $10,000,000.

If you fail to prove the responsibility of the doctor or the organization, then it’s certain that you will lose the compensation amount you are suing the company for.

Patient’s family received a wrong Medication Lawsuit Settlement in NY

A man who was diagnosed with the last stage of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) died after the wrong prescription was handed to him by a professional pulmonary specialist. His family received a six-digit settlement figure from the hospital administration after his death.

The man was taken to the hospital after experiencing shortness in breathing, he was admitted to the hospital next to a cancer patient. That cancer patient was on the dosage of OxyContin as a pain reliever. The dose was accidentally injected into the plaintiff, which caused the patient immediate breathing discomfort.  Despite that, no respiratory physician was called for 3 hours and the patient died on a ventilator after 8 hours of OxyContin dose.

If you or your loved one are the victims of any of the medical malpractice done by any of the organizations, contact an experienced attorney to file a wrong medication lawsuit settlement claim against the agony. 

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