Can you sue someone for giving you covid? Be sure of your rights

Over three million people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus in the United States, and more than 500,000 have died from this fatal virus.

You might be wondering if you or your loved one caught this disease from someone else,  can you sue someone for giving you covid? Previously, laws have been very firm in the United States. The government gave the leverage to individuals with different kinds of diseases or illnesses to file legal claims against the villain who made them indulge in that particular sickness.

Will the consequences and legal formalities be the same for this deadly virus? Coronavirus is spreading from coast to coast, and in the past year, people have realized what negative outcome is fixed to it. Nevertheless, claiming a legal lawsuit against Coronavirus won’t be an easy task, and the authorities will dig deeper to eye upon certain facts and circumstances attached to it.

In this article, we will discuss what legal liabilities the wrongdoer will prevail in the lawsuit.

Lawsuits required to file a case

Do you think someone intentionally gave you COVID-19  that can cost you your life? Can you sue someone for giving you covid? You can file a lawsuit against that someone. However, before filing the suit, you will be required to read about the two potential arguments, which lie under personal injury law. This will help you to take your case further:


To prove your claims under negligence; these four things should be part of your case to make it strong.

Duty of care

Every citizen in the United States is required to follow the commands of the government. Authorities have strictly told the people that before conducting any activity, you need to make sure that it isn’t causing any kind of harm to others.

Let’s understand how people lose the strings of this tort law. While knowing the fact that you have Coronavirus and it is contagious, yet you decide to move out freely and avoid self-quarantine can put charges against you.

Breach of legal duty

In the continuation of duty of care, then comes the breach of legal duty. This law means when you are unable to do something for which you are legally responsible.

According to the laws passed in the United States, self-quarantine is seen as a responsible duty of every citizen who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. You need to lock yourself in your shelter for approximately fourteen days and avoid roaming around among the general public.

However, if you believe that you have been unnecessarily counted under the patient’s list, you do have the power to move out according to your needs. This won’t add to the breach of legal duty.


Whenever you’re willing to put someone under charges of Coronavirus, this part is the toughest. In this, you need to prove that due to another person, you have been indulged in this deadly disease.

A fine example of this could be, even if a person diagnosed with this illness stands in the center of the Time Square and announces that he/she has covid, still it would be difficult for you to prove it. Just imagine if a person cannot be caught after performing such a weird act. Not only would it be hard to pinpoint them, but when you are among people and chances are that you could have gotten it from any other source, you can not particularly point the finger at a specific person.


This claim can only be made if you are admitted to the hospital after catching Coronavirus. For example, if you become sick and have to be admitted to the hospital’s bed, it makes you eligible to lodge charges against the alleged person.

However, due to bad situations at the hospital and care centers, people are surely finding it way easier to receive treatments at home. Eventually, this would result in fewer expenses and won’t be good enough to file a case against the person.


This intentional tort is different from negligence. In this act, the wrongdoer needs to be indulged in an activity that is causing harm to others. Every state in America has a separate definition for the civil battery.

If we refer to the hypothetical situation of a person claiming Coronavirus in the middle of Time Square, then yes, he/she might have to face the consequences. Your actions are showing a sign of danger and would be counted as an intentional tort of hurting someone.

To solve this issue, people usually prefer to settle down with monetary compensation.


Everyone needs to keep themselves safe from this fatal illness. It is spreading at a rapid pace even after a year. However, humans need to stand together to minimize the effects of Coronavirus. These charges can come in handy during an emergency.

Nonetheless, be a responsible citizen and think about others and their families.

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