Class Action Lawsuit against Pharmaceutical Companies

People generally think that they will be rich quickly when they file a lawsuit against someone. This might happen when people hear about lawsuits ending up paying millions or billions of dollars. However, people tend to neglect the time it took their case to resolve. A class-action lawsuit takes months and sometimes years to come out from the court. The process is time-consuming and expensive at the same time.

But most of the time, claiming what you deserve is the only way to get it. Like if you have suffered from a truck or car accident; get exposed to toxic chemicals; or affected by a pharmaceutical drug the only way to get compensation is to file a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to a Medical Malpractice or a Defective Product. You may be entitled to compensation from class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies. Click Here to fill out a Free Claim Review and find out if you qualify.

A medical healthcare provider is responsible for the relief of the pain/discomfort a patient is experiencing. The prescribed medications are the source of mitigating all the pain we suffer as the medications cure our infections/diseases and heal our injuries that can be life-threatening sometimes. But before pursuing any prescribed medications you must have a conversation with your doctor to let him know about the allergies or any problem you are having already. After doing that, suppose you have been prescribed a drug that does not contain the allergen, which can cause you harm but you still end up in the hospital. There could be a reason behind it. It is highly likely that the pharmaceutical company has hid this fact to increase its profits.

Neglecting Providing Information

It is observed that to gain more profit, the manufacturers of the drug do not inform the doctors about the side effects of the drugs that can be more dangerous, if taken for a longer period of time.

For that reason, a doctor is unaware of the complications and he/she is unable to share the risk with the patient. Ultimately, patients use the drug thinking it might help them, but they end up with serious side effects in the long run.

Many lawsuits have been accepted to date because the manufacturers misinterpret or exaggerate the use of the drug to the physicians. That causes the class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies

Reasons For Misrepresenting Drugs

  • Simply for Profit

When a manufacturer declares that a particular product can be used for similar symptoms as well that it is actually approved for, then it is obvious that the manufacturer wants to maximize the sale of the product and the profit as well.  In some cases, they may work, but at the same time can cause reaction to some patients, which is why it is extremely important to not use any drug without a doctor’s advice.

It’s like many pharmaceutical companies play roulette with the patient’s health. Your doctor prescribes you the drug with the faith that the manufacturers have described them is correct. That’s how they are misleading the public and the doctors about the function of a drug and what it actually does, and that’s the reason most manufacturers are being sued for.

Settlement Amounts Of Pharmaceutical Companies

Luckily, the negligence of the pharmaceutical companies has been taken into account and lawsuits have been filed against some of the famous companies. These lawsuits are filed against some of the big names of the world and the settlements are huge.

CompanyPenalty AmountPenalty Year
Pfizer$2.3 bln.2009
Abbot$1.5 bln.2012
GSK$3 bln.2012
Merck$950 mln.2011
Eli Lilly$1.42 bln.2009
AstraZeneca$520 mln.2010
Purdue Pharma$270 mln.2019
Actelion$360 mln.2018
Johnson & Johnson$2.2 bln2013
Amgen$762 mln2012

Drugs That Cause Birth Defects

It is alarming to know that there are a number of class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies are pending and they contain some big names in pharmaceutical companies for the reason that they are involved in the production of those drugs that cause defects in newborn babies.

The FDA has taken action against them and realizes that less than 10% of the drugs are being prescribed by the physicians to pregnant women that are safe and approved by FDA.

Patients who have faced defects in their babies are advised to contact the lawsuit attorney to file a class-action lawsuit, as the status and limitations of time can restrict your chance to file a class-action lawsuit.

What Can You Do If You Experience A Side Effect?

People in the United States suffer almost daily from drugs that are extremely defective, prescribed after misrepresentation by the manufacturer, or taken without the proper consultation.

This all seems like medical malpractice but it is a financial and legal argument when the lawsuit is filed. If you or your loved one are affected by a drug, then you must file or join a class-action lawsuit against those responsible.

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