Trust and estate planning attorney: How to find a compatible estate planning attorney near me?

Estate planning involves the strategic plan to decide who will receive your assets, property, and manage your financial situations in the event when you become incapable of handling them on your own. It’s definitely an overwhelming experience and an intricate process that involves many components.

It is extremely important for individuals to make sure that their assets are managed prudently and generational family members will receive inheritances without any mishap.

Undoubtedly, estate planning appears to be a daunting task but at some point in our lives, we all have to go through it. We have jotted down the process of how an estate planning attorney can help you in preparing your estate plans and some tips and tricks to consider when choosing the right estate planning attorney for this legal process. Let’s explore further on this.

  • What’s in the guide?
  • Who is an estate planning attorney?
  • Tips to consider while choosing the right estate planning attorney for your estate
    • Get Referrals
    • Be mindful about the Bar associations hotline
    • Search for Attorneys with relevant experience
    • Attorneys with malpractice insurance
    • Association with a law firm
  • What if you want to be an estate planning attorney?
  • Conclusion

Who is an estate planning attorney?

Estate planning attorneys are also called probate attorneys or estate law attorneys who assist you in putting your post and pre-death wishes and wills into legal documents. Specialists in this field of law know what type of documents you would need to prepare in your estate planning and present you with probable options that can carry out your goals in the best possible way.

Moreover, with the additional knowledge and experience in estate planning, they can evaluate how your estate is inventoried. They can also make your estate valued with the proper understanding of state and federal estate laws, they can educate you about the probate process that may arise. Their duties involve:

  • Preparing and implementing legal documents including trusts and wills;
  • Establishing of durable POA;
  • Designating beneficiaries;
  • Consulting and counseling family and friends involved in the estate;
  • Organizing your trusts and wills and transferring assets and estates to the rightful beneficiaries;
  • Managing taxes and find out solutions that can minimize your tax fees deductions imposed on every estate;
  • Establishing legal or creditors restrictions so the benefits from the estate can be carried out;
  • Handling life insurance policies, retirement plans, and charitable contributions.

State laws for estate planning differ from one state to another. That makes you ask yourself ‘Where to find a trust and estate planning near me?’ If you live in San Diego, California, you need to find an estate planning attorney in San Diego who can help you in creating a will and help you in further estate planning. But what to consider in an estate planning lawyer?

Tips to consider while choosing the right estate planning attorney for your estate

The decision to select a compatible local estate planning attorney should not be dependent on the advertisement alone. Certain requirements should be met and a series of questions should be positively reflected that will lead you to the best estate planning attorney for your family.

Here’s how you can land on the perfect candidate:

Get referrals

Allow yourself to receive referrals from family and friends or financial advisors whom you or any of your friends know. They probably know a good estate planning attorney that specializes in the field.

Be mindful about the Bar associations hotline

When you look for an estate planning attorney in San Diego, they have a Bar Association hotline service that helps people to find an attorney for them. But you need to be mindful over here, that the referral service doesn’t refer to an attorney upon his experience or success rate. The lawyers pay fees to be on the list of the referral service, the service doesn’t take the responsibility of any experience that you may end up with your selected lawyer.

Search for Attorneys with relevant experience

Attorneys who specialize in a certain field remain aware of the evolutions in their law field. However, when many attorneys claim that they work in estate planning, you must ask if they practice in the field in court and have experience in dealing with similar estate planning or probate issues or not.

Attorneys with malpractice insurance

Everyone can make mistakes but you should not lose your assets just because of an estate planning attorney who doesn’t have malpractice insurance at the back. Keep in mind that not many states require a lawyer to carry malpractice insurance. In California, there’s a legal obligation from California State Bar Association to carry malpractice insurance. Especially the attorneys that are incorporated with the letters P.C. or A.P.C. must carry the insurance.

Association with a law firm

Memberships and associations add credibility to an attorney’s profile. Ask your candidate if he has been attached to a firm or any organization like Wealth Counsel that keeps the attorney updated from the new amendments in the laws of estate planning. These organizations work to provide effusive knowledge through networking and educating their members. If you want an estate planning attorney to work with you, you have to ensure that the attorney is loaded with the knowledge of current laws and techniques of estate planning to protect your assets and rights.

What if you want to be an estate planning attorney?

Apart from the above discussion, if you are someone who wants to be an estate planning attorney, you might need to know after having enough education and experience what you should expect to earn from the profession. Plus, you may want to know an estate planning attorney salary, which eventually depends on where you live and the hours you work.

The average estate planning attorney as of July 2021 is $69,220 but generally, the average salaries of the estate planning attorney fall between $62,559 and $76,907. And then again, the average salary can fluctuate because of the certification, education, and other required skills. To find the average estate planning attorney salary online you can check and have a comprehensive result through narrowing down your search. 


Certain situations can put you under events that compel you to make tough decisions and looking for the right estate planning attorney can be one of them. Either you assist your clients to plan their estate before an unfortunate event occurs or look for an estate planning attorney that can plan for your assets, research and be aware of every possibility that may happen from both sides, and create a major legal question. 

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