Why do you need a business lawyer – How much does a Small business lawyer costs?

If you own a startup, you need two important professionals to look after the legal issues that you may face during the lifetime of your business the business. A lawyer.

A business lawyer provides you with assistance for legal issues related to the operating of business and formulating legal reports. Business lawyers represent a variety of clients including business clients, insurance companies, employees, and many others. Meanwhile, several cases like discrimination issues, hiring disputes, corporate issues, etc. are handled by an employment lawyer. Business lawyers are hired to look after the corporate structure and guide the management about the legalities of the business contracts and transactions.

You need to have the assistance of a business lawyer according to the type of business you own. If you own a startup, then a business lawyer can provide you all the technical knowledge you might need for your startup. If you already have a business, then hiring a business lawyer will navigate you through complex compliance matters that you may encounter as the owner of a business.

The most common issues that a business lawyer address include:

  • Filing legal documents
  • Formation and drafting of business contracts
  • Looking after sale and purchase conflicts
  • Responding to the copyright violation issues
  • Interstate legal issues related to products and transportation
  • Compliance with laws and business regulations
  • Merger of businesses

A business lawyer also helps you in various legal tasks within your organization such as:

  • Business startups legal issues
  • Employee transfer issues
  • Incorporation filing and documentation
  • Changing business structure or the code of conduct
  • Employee contract management
  • Tax deduction and other legal issues

Business lawyers also act as witnesses in particular lawsuits against the organizations where a judge needs the evidence for a business practice regarding a certain issue.

For this reason, many large business owners hire business lawyers, but the small business owners often hesitate to go for the business lawyers, because they find themselves unable to meet the expenses that might be needed to hire a potential business lawyer.

Continue reading the article if you need to know how much a small business lawyer costs.

How much small business lawyer cost? 

Generally, a business lawyer’s fee structure comprises of hourly rates. The per-hour rate of a lawyer precisely depends on numerous factors, like:

  • The complexity of the cases offered to resolve
  • Experience in the field
  • Average geographical hourly rate
  • The size of the company

Usually, professional business lawyers tend to charge comparatively more than the business lawyers who have just started their careers.

Charges may differ on account of researching and compiling paperwork for certain cases. This means that a lawyer may charge a higher rate for court hearings and court-related work, and offers a lower hourly rate for research. As mentioned above that hourly fees may differ because of several reasons, but business lawyers typically charge between $150 to $325 per hour.

Remember that the hourly rate can change if the dispute leads the company towards trial, particularly because of the litigation hustles, purchases, or mergers. We suggest you to clarify every aspect regarding hourly rates if you hire a business attorney for any legal issue related to your business.

What other fee structures are available for a small business lawyer?

Small business lawyer’s costs mostly depend on hourly rates, but some of the business lawyers prefer flat rates over hourly rates. This usually means that the lawyer will be paid when the case is resolved or the tasks will be completed. This typically happens when there is a common case to be handled, or if the lawyer doesn’t need any specific preparation for it. LLC formations, business incorporations, and formulating business contracts are some of the services that business lawyers provide for a fixed amount of fees. For instance, in California, a business lawyer may charge a fixed fee for LLC formation, may range between $500 and $2,000.

Some restrictions that come with the flat fee structure is that the flat fee doesn’t include any third-party payments. For example, if you have hired a business lawyer at $600 for the incorporation, you will be obliged to pay for an additional fee to the state for incorporating.

To avoid the hourly or flat rate issues, some business startups offer compensation to business lawyers from their projects. For some reason, business lawyers find this offer risky, and avoid falling for this sort of payment.


A business lawyer will ensure your rights are protected when it comes to establishing a legal foundation that works best for your business. An experienced business lawyer also helps you get over complex legal issues that arise expectedly as your business grows. To know more about lawyers and legal issues navigate through the website The Law Advisory.


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