How to get a Free lawyer for Child Custody?

Finding an experienced child custody lawyer is not as difficult as it was in the past. Child custody issues arise when couples get divorced and they get worsen when one of the partners forcefully tries to get the custody even when the conditions are against him or her. In these cases, matters cannot be resolved until you seek legal help.

But, sometimes legalizing things can become heavy on the pocket or you may have to ask the state, government, or local bodies to provide you with legal help. If you cannot afford a private lawyer, then you can resolve your child custody issues by looking at the following options, and hopefully, you will get the solution for how to get a free lawyer for child custody

Legal Aid

Legal Aid can be availed by parents with low income. When the court handles child custody matters, it may not end up in your favor. Legal aid defends parent’s rights and supports parents in their child custody complications, and ensures that the dispute settles fairly.

Agencies that provide Legal services

It becomes more stressful when you lose your child’s custody in a court trial because of your low income and unavailability of the resources to carry forward the case. This is when agencies comes forward to provide free legal services. These agencies won’t go to the court and fight for your case on your behalf, but they will provide you the financial and legal support that is involved in a fair verdict.

Family law free advice

Family law free advice is available in every state, that resolves complicated and complex issues related to how to get a free lawyer for child custody and divorce. You can get free help online when you require extended research or extra-legal information against your child custody issue. You can also visit their office after making an appointment on call or by email. It’s helpful for those parents who cannot afford an attorney for their case.

Dispute resolution programs

Communities also work to resolve disputes among individuals and mediate people to solve issues outside the court. If you contact those dispute resolving programs run by different communities, then you might not need a lawyer for your case.

Law schools

Most of the law schools in many states encourage free legal clinics in which they resolve and guide people with particular types of legal cases. Your local court must have information regarding these clinics. To find out about them contact your local courts or law schools of your state they will guide you for how to get a free lawyer for child custody and other family issues.

Government agencies

These agencies work for parents with low income. They can be found in every state, and help the victims especially mothers for free. Moreover, these government agencies provide legal information to the parents if they don’t have any.

Pro-Bono lawyers Services

The lawyers that work voluntarily and take no or minimum cost for their legal help from the victims are called pro-bono lawyers. They will provide you legal help, file your case, collect evidence, and support you if you cannot afford a lawyer for your child custody.

Important child custody factors that should be taken into account

Child custody is undoubtedly a priority for the parents. The court may conclude the case ensuring the best for the child, but there are some factors that you must consider while following a child custody case.

  • When the child is above 13, the court should provide the child with his rights to make the preference. If the child shows a preference towards a parent, then a court should consider it.
  • Parents should inform the court about what they want their children to be in the future.
  • If the court is giving your child’s custody to any agency, then you must make sure that the children are safe there. The environment is not physically and mentally disturbing. If they want any support, they will get that in the future as well.

What if you lose a child custody case?

Child custody may end up against your will, and you may lose full authority over your child. However, you must not despair as most of the time; the court gives access to the parent to contact the child in many ways. The court grants permission to visit the child on special occasions such as parent’s day, school programs, or on any other events.

Having a verdict against a child custody case in your favor might not be possible. Not only that, everyone cannot get all the legal information and cannot handle the case as a lawyer can. However, the government and nonprofit organizations provide help to those who seek free legal help.

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