How to find a Pro Bono family law attorney?

A Pro Bono attorney is a volunteer attorney, who guides you for your case procedures free. These Pro Bono lawyers also take cases to handle without getting paid from any external source, which generates the basic and unusual difference from the traditional lawyers that work for the government or for private firms and make a healthy amount.

Attorneys that handle the cases for no costs, but work for organizations are paid for their work by these organizations. Moreover, pro bono attorneys do not charge you for the hours they are spending on your case, gathering pieces of evidence, filing documents, or investigating. Apart from this, a Pro Bono attorney won’t take any other case, if one is looking after yours.

How to find a pro bono family law attorney?

Several volunteer lawyer’s programs specialize in providing legal aid to the people who are underpaid or cannot afford an attorney for their cases. If you live in Houston, Houston Volunteer Lawyer Program can help you find a volunteer attorney for your situation.

Most of the local bar associations, encourage new and experienced lawyers to work voluntarily for the people in need. To qualify for getting help from these organizations, you will need to visit a Legal clinic first.

Some legal clinics provide legal aid for veterans, some of them work for low-income individuals, and some of them just advise on specific legal issues. However, it is not guaranteed that you will find a Pro Bono lawyer from these legal clinics. Then how to find a pro bono family law attorney? It is the way of getting applications from people in need. You will be required to provide authentic and complete financial information about your status, and likely to answer various questions to be qualified for a Pro Bono attorney.

You can find voluntarily provided legal aid services by:

  • Locating nearest legal assistance providers
  • By applying for the legal assistance
  • By visiting and exploring the website of your local bar associations
  • Looking for a family law clinic
  • Checking bar association’s directory
  • Asking for referrals
  • Search internet

To keep your interest in knowing how to find a pro bono family law attorney, some more ways have been jotted down. 

Organization for free legal assistance

Mainly the organizations that can help you quickly are the ones that are near to you and deals with the types of issues you have. You can get help from Legal Help finder to find a volunteer lawyer for your case. You can also visit The United States Department of Justice website to find the organizations in your state who provide free legal services.

The purpose of these organizations is to help and serve the people around the U.S. They cannot help you if you do not cooperate with them or do not provide the required information. These organizations may expect the following codes of conduct from you:

Behavioral ethics

You must be stressed about your case, but maintaining healthy and positive behavior will ultimately help you and your case in the long run. Organizations that are providing free of cost services may expect you to control your temper and maintain an appropriate behavior inside the organization. As the process is cost-free, it may be possible that you face a delay in your case, but threatening, harassing, speaking loudly, verbal or physical abuse inside the organization will definitely not work in your favor.

Schedule your appointment

While handling your case, your attorney might be resolving other matters as well, that are linked with your case. Instead of exaggerating things and calling your lawyer from time to time, you must list down your queries before you meet with your volunteer lawyer.  If you are unable to reach on your given time you are also expected to notify about your unavailability to the lawyer, it will be a better way to build trust with your lawyer. If you miscommunicate with the lawyer, you may have to face consequences for your actions.

Inform about alerts

For saving the organization’s valuable time, you must notify the organization or the lawyer if you are not satisfied with them or have found any other legal service provider. Also, if your contact number, living arrangements, or circumstances change that have direct effect on your income or household expense, you must notify your Pro Bono attorney.

Final Thoughts

Many organizations are working voluntarily to provide you service for low or no cost, but they cannot control the cost of other services that are required for the case, such as filing charges, witness fees, constable costs, or any charges. If there are any changes, you may need to pay for them. However, that also depends on the kind of organization and the complexity of your case.

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