Is Zinus mattress fiberglass dangerous? Learn about the ongoing lawsuit against the complaints received from customers

A lawsuit has been filed against the company Zinus, with plaintiffs claiming that the mattresses release glass fibers that are dangerous to health. The fiberglass is added to the products in order to add strength and fire resistance.

According to a statement given by the company, it claims that it provides quality products to the customers and takes their feedback very seriously.

Also, a statement of the company’s spokesperson reveals, “The material that we use to comply with fire safety regulations is standard in the mattress industry, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that this material is not considered hazardous,”

Fortunately, many companies focus on the safety of consumer products but unfortunately, not everyone does the same. Some companies neglect the safety standards and launch the product in the market without conducting the necessary product tests.

Zinus mattress fiberglass lawsuit is one of them. Zinus Mattress, a San Diego and Californian online mattress company, is popular, especially in North and South America. Zinus mattresses became prominent after a series of lawsuits were filed against them.

The lawsuit against Zinus Inc. admits that its mattresses have fiberglass in their inner covers like many other mattress manufacturers which are sold by many online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Target, Wayfair, and Walmart.

These glass fibers act as a barrier against a hazardous blaze and remain unharmed and intact unless the outer cover of the mattress is removed. But what made the customers file lawsuits against Zinus? To know about it, keep reading.

Zinus mattress fiberglass lawsuit

Some lawsuits are filed against Zinus claiming that the Zinus mattress releases hazardous fibers into the atmosphere when they are uncovered.

Class action lawsuit plaintiffs Robert Durham and Amanda Chandler stated in the claim that once the outer cover of the mattress is unzipped, plenty of glass fibers can spread out everywhere causing significant property damages and life-threatening injuries.

In the 2020 lawsuit, Amanda stated that she purchased the mattress in Summer 2019 from Walmart. She accused Zinus of saying that she received a mattress with a removable zipped cover. She added that the removable cover was tagged with the note ‘60% Glass Fibers’.

Additionally, she stated in the lawsuit that Zinus failed to inform the customers that the covers should not be removed as removal can spill out the mattress material, namely, glass fibers.

She added that on Jan 20, 2020, she removed the cover to wash it in her washing machine. While the mattress was in the machine, her sons started jumping and having fun on the mattress as small kids do.

The next day, her husband Durham noticed that their son’s body was irritated and itchy. After some time, he found out that his whole body was exposed to small hard-to-see glass fiber particles, she alleged.

Moreover, the plaintiff claimed that their entire home was occupied by these small glass fiber particles. They claimed that these miserable little fibers were embedded on every corner of their house inside and outside both.

They claimed that not a single thing was left where they didn’t find these glass fibers be it clothes, carpets, towels, bedding, appliances, walls, tiles, even inside the car.

However, the seriousness of the injuries faced by the plaintiffs is not disclosed as they say that they likely inhaled hundreds of glass fibers that may show their reactions later.

Plaintiffs aver that when they discover the main source of the glass fibers and all the abnormalities they have faced, they take the mattress outdoors immediately. The plaintiffs are living now in a hotel with their family, as they say, it is impossible to get back to their home due to the contamination of glass fibers.

They added in their accusations that the glass fibers are used in the mattress for fire hazard retardant purposes. But the ones that the Zinus mattress contains are larger than the ones used for household insulations.

The plaintiff stated that exposure to glass fibers can react to skin, eye, and also can affect your respiratory tract. In case, if the fibers could reach your lower lungs through inhalation, it can even initiate severe health risks. Plus, if the glass fibers are embedded into your skin, they may require medical intervention for their removal.

A house exposed to glass fibers can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars for a complete cleanup. Experts advise that the residents exposed to the glass fiber must leave the place as long as the fiberglass contamination is there no one should reside in the house.

They claimed that the defendants of the case Zinus Inc. allegedly knew but failed to inform customers about the potential implications of taking the mattress covers off. Plaintiff couple claims that nowhere in the mattress description was stated that the mattress contains fiberglass, glass fiber, or any other material that can cause potential injuries or damages if someone uncovers it.

The plaintiff’s family argued that they may have not purchased the mattress if the use of such material were known to them. It falls on the defendant’s responsibility to inform the customers about the damage their product could do if certain actions have been performed. 

By not mentioning the defects or the use of the harmful material in the mattress, the defendants have breached the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and fall under the fraudulent, omission, unjust, enrichment claims and there’s a valid and justified reason for a class action lawsuit against Zinus.

The class-action lawsuit contains all the online purchasers of the Zinus mattress that have purchased the mattress online from any store and are affected by the fiberglass injuries.

Current Zinus mattress fiberglass lawsuit status

Many plaintiffs accused Zinus of allegedly not informing the consumers about the material and filing lawsuits through several law firms and private personal injury lawyers.

However, no verdict has been given and no out-of-court settlements have been reported yet. If you purchased a Zinus mattress and were affected by the potential injuries, this is high time to consult a personal injury lawyer and list your name in the plaintiffs of the Zinus mattress fiberglass lawsuit.

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