‘Sex Week’ event to be celebrated by Ohio State University to ‘thank’ abortion providers

A number of Ohio State University Departments are sponsoring “Sex Week” which is an idea put forward by a student organization in which one event is focused around the idea that the students are asked to “help thank abortion providers.”

The organizers of the event are of the opinion that abortion providers surely deserve appreciation.

According to the Student Advocates for the campaigns of Sexual Health Awareness, the “Sex Week” is organized by them and have also informed the news sources that Ohio State University Departments such as Ohio State University Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the College of Social Work have joined hands in providing financial assistance for the week-long event.

One similar event is hosted during “Sex Week” which is named “Valentine’s for Abortion Providers” based on the work that they do.

“Meet SASHA in the Union on the 1st floor on to help thank abortion providers in Ohio and Texas for the valuable work they do for reproductive rights!” the event description states.

“We feel that it is important to appreciate the family planning providers that are able to provide essential healthcare for our communities. Our organization emphasizes the constitutional right to a safe abortion, however many do not share that belief. Because of this, many providers and their offices are often ridiculed for providing legal, affordable, safe healthcare. We feel they deserve appreciation, and should be reminded of the fact they are assisting our communities greatly,” Hart said.

According to the event organizers, the attendees will be creating cards that will be emailed to abortion providers. However, people of the US are not happy with the event as they do not support abortion.

The “Sex Week” website also added that the organizations are receiving funding from the different councils of Student Affairs, which mainly comes from the student activity fees.

“It’s pathetic that schools are ignoring their mandate to educate students and instead act as though their real purpose is facilitating the parties. This is a great disservice to students. And a huge waste of money for parents,” Hawkins said. “Almost always ignored by these sponsors is the fact that you can’t protect emotionally vulnerable students from a broken heart when they follow the false pitch that all consequences — babies included — can be ignored.” It was further added that “Ohio State has a deep and abiding commitment to free speech.”

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