Questions To Ask Divorce Attorneys To Start The Consultation

A divorce is not a family law issue that you can handle yourself. It is stressful and sometimes overwhelming to deal with. To address divorce-related issues, you must hire an experienced family law attorney. The divorce affects everything – including but not limited to – the time it takes for child custody, division of the assets, and many others. Therefore, it is important that you know how and when to involve a divorce attorney in your case.

You cannot trust any divorce attorney without getting enough knowledge about him, about his experience, and how he will approach your case.

Check out some of the questions to ask a divorce attorney before starting your consultation.

Family law is a broad field of law. To ensure getting the desired results out of your divorce-related cases, avoid hiring any general practicing attorney; rather opt for an experienced attorney in family law, specifically in divorce. If you have children and you want their custody as well, then ask for his experience in handling child custody cases.

A divorce attorney who specializes in family law knows all the technicalities of the divorce process: how to include things along, child custody matters, assets division issues, how effectively work with the other attorneys involved in the case, how to present your case in front of the judge, etc.

To avoid any surprises later, you must ask for the final cost of the divorce process at your first consultation with your attorney. Your attorney should tell you about the expected charges for a divorce-related case, including retainer fee, billable costs, hourly/fair rate. Don’t hesitate to ask about the fee your attorney would take for your divorce process

No attorney can give you the exact date about how long the divorce would process take to resolve. Many factors tend to influence the divorce process including child custody issues, spouse or child support issues, naming of the assets, etc

Open and clear communication is crucial between you and your family law attorney. You may have to contact your attorney often and sometimes at the eleventh hour. So, asking for the mode of communication is necessary. If your attorney only wants to contact you on a phone, but you want to maintain electronic communication, then you both might not work well together.

Knowing the timeline for a response upfront will save the frustration of waiting later. Eventually, you will be relaxed that your attorney is responsible and responsive to you.

Your divorce attorney will likely tell you about the client-attorney relationship and the available privileges in the relationship. The attorney will let you know why and how you should not unveil the client-attorney communication to your spouse or to any third party. This might create an unnecessary fuss between the parties.

However, it is not forbidden to talk to your spouse while you have planned for divorce, but talking to your spouse doesn’t mean that you should speak up about everything your attorney has told you.

Many law firms and divorce attorneys work with legal assistants, support staff, paralegal secretaries, etc. It is your legal right to ask about the involvement of the potential staff working with your attorney, what position and experience they have, and which part of your case will be handled by whom.

If your attorney continues to send important documents through regular mail, then you must be concerned. Although, electronic communication also has its disadvantages, but it is important to ask your attorney to make your information private and secured.

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