What you need to know about social security benefits Nevada

If you are a resident of Nevada and you become disabled due to an unfortunate event and can no longer work, the federal government will provide you with assistance with either a Supplemental Security Income program or Social Security Disability program.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)is offered to those who earn below a certain amount and Social Security Disability is offered to those who worked and paid from the social security system. These programs are operated by the federal government, and the Nevada state agency checks eligibility for social security benefits Nevada programs.

Process of receiving benefits in Nevada

To receive benefits from the state you must apply to the Social Security department. They will appoint an examiner from the (BDA) Bureau of Disability Adjudication to review your case. This process is an essential part of Nevada’s Dept. of Employment, Training, and  Rehabilitation. The examiner will see if your application is eligible enough to be approved for receiving the benefits from the program or not.

It’s hard for your application to be approved by the BDA, as it only approves 34% of the applications it receives. BDA offices are located in Las Vegas and Carson City. You can give a call at 775-885-3700 for any query you have concerning your claim.

How much can you earn through disability benefits

Nevada offers an additional payment to blind SSD recipients. However, there are some requirements to fulfill. Those who are eligible for SSD get the combined payment and the amount depends on the lifestyle and living arrangements of the seeking candidate.

Blind individuals who are living alone receive $880.30 for the sake of combined state and federal payments. Individuals who live in households with someone else will receive $727.96. And those who live in residential facilities or private nursing homes will receive $1.162 monthly.

Eligible Nevada residents for SSD benefits automatically become eligible for the Medicaid benefits as well.

Unlike many other states, where people can receive temporary disability benefits, Nevada doesn’t offer this option.

Disability claims in Nevada

Disability hearings are heard at the Office of the Hearing Operations (OHO). These offices are in Reno and Las Vegas. According to an average, to get your hearing date in Reno or Las Vegas, you have to wait for at least eighteen months. 

How an attorney can help you in getting your disability benefits

The SSD benefits applications are mostly denied initially, so it’s better to hire a social security disability attorney who can help you to get the benefits.

An experienced attorney can help you if your application has been denied previously. You might be making a mistake or overlooking any clause while applying yourself, which caused the denial. However, the attorney will make sure that your request does not revert to you. More than 50% of the applications are approved that were denied initially when resubmitted by the lawyers.

What social security disability benefits for Nevada residents are available?

The SSD features three primary benefit facilities for qualified families and individuals.

Disability benefits

The benefits that an individual can get from the social security disability applications are expected to last more than one year.

Spouse benefit

You can get Social Security benefits if your spouse is 62 or over. Your spouse can also enjoy the benefits if one is taking care of a child who is 16 y/o or younger. Moreover, a widowed spouse between 50 and 60 years of age is also eligible for the benefits.

Child benefit

Any under 19 unmarried, stepchild or grandchild, or a kid in an elementary school will be eligible for Social Security benefits. Other than that, an unmarried 18  years old or above, who got disabled before the age of 22 will also receive the benefits.

To get the benefits for your disabled child, your child must meet the mentioned requirements.

Common questions regarding social security benefits Nevada

On evaluating your application, do your social Security examiners look at your work history?

Yes, they would see your recent work history and the duration of work that indicates how much you have paid as a social security deposit that will eventually determine your eligibility.

What is the difference between SSI and SSD?

An SSD is a program that depends on your previous work and what you have been putting in the social security, whereas SSI is based on an individual’s needs who do not have any work history. 

What are the SSD payment amounts for 2021?

Because of the 1.3% increase in COLA (cost of living adjustments), SSD benefits are subjected to $1,543 a month in 2021 for unmarried individuals.

For a couple, it is about $2,596. The maximum amount that one could get from the program is $3,148. 

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