The most common types of personal injury cases

In this article, we will discuss the types of personal injury cases that may involve court hearings. The personal injury law is also referred to as Tort law. According to Tort law, a person injured is allowed to get compensated due to someone else’s negligence, or careless conduct, or intentionally wrongful act. It must be noted that an injury might not lead to legal liability. But there are a number of valid reasons that may lead the victim to charge someone for personal injury claims.

The different situation in which claims can be made

Check out the reasons why personal injuries cases are taken up by the courts:

Injury caused by someone’s absolute negligence

Every adult individual has an obligation to follow rules and procedures that involve a rational level of caution in their everyday lives. This is to make certain that no mistakes or errors are committed, so that no one gets injured.

If an individual fails to abide by the law, and as a result, a person gets injured, then a legal civil charge can be initiated against him. Lawfully, a person can be compensated by the party that has shown negligence and carelessness.

Injury suffered due to someone’s intentional act

If any individual intentionally injuries you, you can sue that person in the court. This will hold true whether or not the individual specifically intended to get you hurt. For example, if someone shoots his gun at a target, and you get hit. You can sue him.

Medical malpractices that cause you injury

A doctor is required to perform his duty with absolute professionalism. It is his solemn duty to provide you with the right kind of treatment. Any lack of attention, or failure to work according to standard medical procedure,that causes you injury is not tolerated by the law. Any patient can easily sue, not only the doctor but the entire medical facility.

Injury from erroneous diagnostic reporting

In the event of using malfunctioning instruments that can misdiagnose a patient’s true problem and lead doctors to prescribe wrong medication, could easily exasperate a patient’s condition and cause a permanent injury. Again, the medical facility or staff will be held liable and legal action will be taken.

Hazardous medication of any kind

Over-the-counter drugs available to the general public are generally manufactured while keeping the specific safety standards intact. Sometimes, these standards are not upheld. This could happen when a new drug is released into the market or old drugs are reproduced in a haste.

Machineries that have only slightly gone off their calibrations and defined margins for mass producing operation, due to computer errors, cause well trusted drugs to be not safe anymore. Litigations can easily be directed at pharmaceutical companies by individuals who have suffered internal injuries, or topically applied medicines that have had adverse effects.

Legal actions can also be taken against cosmetic companies if their products have disfigured or injured an individual.

Of course, in either case, it has to be proven that their products were solely to be blamed for the injury.

Injury from at-fault drivers

Car accidents caused due to negligence of drunk drivers, buzzed drivers, or drivers having health problems, are very frequent. Every state in the United States has made it mandatory for all drivers to have liability insurance coverage. In case, if a driver is injured by another driver’s carelessness, he is totally eligible to get full compensation for all expenditures incurred. This is one of the most common types of personal injury cases in the country.

Dog bite injuries

There are many people who have dogs as pets. Dogs are kept as companions for protection. But owners can get careless or dogs can escape their kennel, and bite other people, including children. The courts have strict laws for such cases, and strict liability standards are in place to serve anyone bitten by a dog.

Injury by hazardous conditions at premises

Any type of unsafe condition caused by a premise – be it someone’s home, office building or factory – can lead to filing a court case and the careless party will be held liable.

For instance, at home, if your swimming pool is not properly marked to warn guests, or properly closed off so children can’t get to the pool.

In office buildings, kitchen stoves might have faulty valves, or the elevator may malfunction due to improper maintenance –  may lead to injury or death.


There are many more types of personal injury cases that are entertained by attorneys and courts. These were some of the most common ones. So understand your rights and do not hesitate to fight for them.

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