Zodiac killer update: California police and the FBI oppose the investigators claim for the new suspect ‘Gary Poste’

Zodiac killer update Private investigators claim to identify a suspicious person as the Zodiac Killer – The California police officials and FBI oppose the investigators’ claims.

This week, detectives identified a notorious killer, Gary Francis Poste as the killer involved in the murders that happened in the 1960s. However, officials for law enforcement pushed back against the investigators’ claim as they said: “he is not a suspect in the case.”

On Wednesday, a team of 40 individuals, including retired officials from academic, legal, military, and law enforcement backgrounds, called the Case Breakers, broke their findings regarding the suspect.

 According to law enforcement, Poste, the suspected killer, who departed from the world in 2018, is not the person who terrorized the Bay area of San Francisco and murdered five people back in the 1960s.

The police officials say they received hundreds of information and tips linked to the old cold case. However, the Case Breakers firmly believe that Gary Francis Poste is “a very strong suspect,” and he is behind the murder of a teenage girl who lived miles away and was never related to the Zodiac.

On the investigators’ strong suspicion, San Francisco and Riverside police officials stated the group’s claim is based on “circumstantial evidence.”

The previous year, an independent group of code breakers hacked one of the numbers that sent messages to newspapers when the Zodiac Killer’s killing spree was at its peak – reported by the FBI.

The user sent the message to the San Francisco Chronicle, saying, “I hope you are having lots of fun trying to catch me.”

Moreover, The Sun received exclusive documents that proved Poste’s link to several crimes. 

According to the court records, in 2016, Feb, Groveland, California, the suspect was sentenced to jail for severely torturing and assaulting his spouse, Mary.

However, after years of investigation, Case Breakers finally found the suspect forensic evidence, which they got from his darkroom.

Allegedly, the investigators recovered an image from his darkroom showing scars on his forehead, similar to the Zodiac sign.

In the recent interview, the Case breakers provided the Zodiac killer update as they presented a copy of news of a car incident that happened in 1959 in Clinton, Indiana.

The car crash killed the Rocksville radar station’s airman while the other man was alive but was severely injured.

The Case Breakers believe that the second man who got injured was Poste, and the car crash got him scars on his forehead.

 The press release stated, “The renowned sleuths have recovered new physical and forensic evidence, signed up eyewitnesses, filed court affidavits, and secured decades of pictures from Poste’s former darkroom,”

“That includes photographic proof, as a former FBI agent put it, of ‘irrefutable’ scars on our Zodiac’s forehead – spotted by 3 witnesses and an observing cop, then later passed on to the 1969 SFPD sketch artist.”

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