Bob Dylan denied the amended time frame of alleged sexual abuse by JC

Bob Dylan standing against the plaintiff-driven false accusations

August 2021, the 80-year-old songwriter was suspected of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in 1965, the plaintiff claimed last year in the lawsuit that the abuse was continued for over a ‘6 week period’.

Later on, the plaintiff, who is now 68 with the initials of J.C. made amendments to her original claims saying that the alleged abuse continued for several months instead of just a six-week period.

According to the lawsuit, the singer and the songwriter Robert Allen Zimmerman, “befriended and established an emotional connection with the plaintiff,” and abused her sexually in his Chelsea Hotel Apartment in New York City when she was just turned 12.

Fox News stated that they have obtained the official court documents in which Bob Dylan and his legal team have responded to the allegations in question.

“Unless expressly admitted, all allegations in the Complaint are denied,” stated their response.

They responded by naming the original lawsuit “a brazen shakedown masquerading as a lawsuit” which was unsuccessful “in bad faith” to get the monetary compensation out of Dylan.

“The allegation is false, malicious, reckless, and defamatory. Mr. Dylan will not be extorted,” the response continued. “Mr. Dylan will vigorously defend himself against these lawyer-driven lies and seek redress against all those responsible, including by seeking monetary sanctions against persons responsible for manufacturing and bringing this abusive lawsuit.”

In addition to that, the response stated the claim as “a fantastical and fictitious story.”

“At this time, it is sufficient to say that her allegation is untrue, absurd and a chronological impossibility,” the response continued, pointing out that Dylan was not in New York – where the abuse allegedly occurred – at the time, as was “well-documented” by his status as a world-renowned musician, who had tours, engagements and “professional activities outside New York and North America during April and May 1965.”

Dylan filed the response on the amended lawsuit in Buffalo, New York on Thursday where the amendments were made in late December last year.

The plaintiff’s attorney Peter Gleason told to Fox News that Andrea Schillaci, representing Dylan was “not only went out of her way to attack the Plaintiff, [but also] outed the victim of a sexual assault, which is a big no-no in the legal community.”

Gleason also told Fox News that Andrea’s statements in which he said that attorneys lied for taking money out of Dylan was a big ‘no-no’ as he and his mate Dan Isaac intentionally planned to report the issue in due time.

“This answer is clearly coming from a position of weakness, not strength,” he added.

Gleason concluded: “Dylan’s attorney outed the victim of a sex crime, that coming from a woman, is particularly shocking.”

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