California determined to fix Human Trafficking Issues by integrating AB 364 into Law

The Senate of California is all set to vote on AB 364 presented by Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez. If this bill is passed by the Senate then it will be an extension of the anti-human trafficking protections provided to all the workers in the state of California especially those temporary workers who come under the criminal Foreign Labor Contractors (FLCs).

The state and federal laws are currently protecting the workers against labor trafficking which is providing them civil and criminal sanctions against those employers who are actively involved in trafficking. Despite being very congruent, the current law has many loopholes and gaps which need to be filed to provide complete protection to the workers as a lot of migrants fall prey to these employers easily and are exploited to the core.

AB 364 needs to be passed from the Senate as soon as possible as the lack of protection by the current federal and state law is proving to have disastrous outcomes as the fidgeted FLCs continue to lure migrant community to provide them excellent jobs while cunningly trafficking them into the United States of America for labor and sex.

This illegal human trafficking is adversely affecting people of color especially Latinos. As per Freedom Network, a national coalition of anti-trafficking organizations almost 87% of the trafficked people in America belong to color.

Salient features of AB 364:

AB 364 is all set to provide remedial assistance to the trafficked human beings.

It will require:

  • All the FLCs to register formally with the Labor commission
  • Californian employers to be using only the registered FLCs for hiring
  • Transparent working terms and conditions in the recruitment process
  • No additional fees to be charged
  • Penalties to be charged if there has been a failure of compliance with any of the above-mentioned requirements.

AB 364 is receiving immense support from broad alliances such as the law enforcement agencies, the civil rights and legal aid organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and over 33000 workers who had been victims of human trafficking.

Once integrated into law, AB 364 will aid in reducing the unfair means into businesses that are willingly involved in trafficking humans to cut down their operating costs. The AB 364 will protect workers as well as upgrade the current system making people have faith in the law system of the country.

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