William Tell Musician: Bio, Affair, Married, Wife, Net Worth & More

William Tell, a rock star guitarist, and fiancé of an on-screen personality ended up in law school – the story behind the curtains.

Who is William Tell?

William Tell, a 3L at USC Gould School of Law, is a lawyer, who is married to the reality TV star turned entrepreneur, Lauren Conrad, who’s admired by many, and regarded even by Martha Stewart, who considered Lauren as the next Martha Stewart.

When he was 22, William Tell started his career as a guitarist for ‘Something Corporate’, a band that played music in arenas, stadiums, and on late-night television shows.

Now he’s a well-established lawyer. How he spent the journey from having music notes in the bag to the law books, is an interesting story to read.

Let’s have an overview of the musician-turned-lawyer William Tell’s interesting yet unique life experience.

Early Life of William Tell

William Tell started his law studies at a Cal State College, Chico when he was 18, but didn’t find himself fit for the legal studies, and sometimes he felt like nothing’s in there that stimulates the intellect that law studies should have, making it difficult for him to focus. When he came back from his freshman year (1L), he decided to talk to his parents about everything.

He wanted to let them know about what he felt and why he didn’t want to pursue law further. He tried to convince them that he had five goals that he had to achieve before he turned 30. One of them was to pursue music, and if he were to find himself incapable of achieving such things within a year, then he would be back to law school.

He was fortunate, at that time (1999) when the music was not so popularly followed by many families and the industry was much different as compared to the contemporary times. He got consent to do so. He joined the music band, things started to work out for him, and within a year the band got the first label deal that turned the fate of the band overnight but Tell wanted something else. He wanted fame for himself, as he had no way to prove himself other than that.

So, he separated himself from the band in 2004 and started writing songs, composing, and singing all alone. At that time, he was working hard to make his own music, he realized that he’s approaching 30 quickly without making a big stride on his own. He had success but music was something he dearly wanted to pursue. But he was soon to touch 40 and things did not turn up the way he wanted.

He kind of regretted it when he saw his friends succeed in the law field and even in the music while he was still waiting for something big to happen.

So, he decided to go back and keep the words that he made with his parents. After that, he got admission to a music degree program at USC to make up for the loss.

He claimed in an interview that he wanted to study law because he was fascinated by the history of law and government politics. He added that he was so amazed to see how the legal system works and if you were an attorney that would automatically provide you the way to professional autonomy.

Rise of Fame

When he was asked about his entrepreneur fiancé, he claimed that Lauren, despite being a self-made businesswoman, has been supportive all these years. He claimed that she wanted to know everything when he returned after law school and sometimes it turned out to be weird like if they were watching a legal drama together and things came out the other way. He said that reality was way different than what had been shown in these suits.

He is now in his 3rd and final year at law school and advises new lawyers that the most important thing in studying law is to make strong relationships and connections with your seniors, getting good grades to get internships, and work hard.

Many have found William Tell’s story quite interesting. It contains a moral lesson for those who just can’t decide about their priorities in life. You should listen to your heart and follow your dreams but time never stops for anyone. Be prepared for what’s coming ahead and stick to the decision you have made for yourself.

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