How to Become a Patent Attorney?

To understand how to become a patent attorney, you first have to understand what exactly a patent attorney is. Patents usually have to do with property law and property rights. This property is referred to as intellectual property, not literal property. This field is prone to some level of confusion because of the intricacies involved.

So he or she is a person who helps laypeople and guides them in the decisions that they should be making when it comes to filing a patent. Also, they are responsible for helping their clients with the different nuances that come with protecting their intellectual property.

Moving on, there are some steps that need to be taken when becoming a patent attorney.

An undergraduate degree

An undergrad degree is required before you go onto the next step which is concerned with becoming a patent attorney. An undergrad degree can be taken in any field, it could be a science degree or an arts degree. Anything that will make you qualified to pursue the said field. You will have to receive excellent grades to move further, without which it will become fairly difficult to get into any law school or any school at all.

Since there is some level of technicality involved in this field, the ideal undergrad degree to go for is the science degree. An engineering degree to be specific. These are some of the safest bets to go for if you want to become a patent attorney.

This degree won’t necessarily teach you the details of what exactly goes on when you become a patent attorney, but it will give you the problem-solving skills that you need in order to excel. Getting a good grade in the field of science can be relatively difficult, so you will have to work hard.

This aspect of a science degree will also teach you to do well in law school. You can’t fall short just because you believe that the undergrad is a prerequisite. Doing well is extremely important and you can only do so if you have enough practice because of your science degree.

Furthermore, you can always find some other field to fulfill the needed requirement but a science degree will give you the recommended spirit and skills. It will teach you focus and how to deal with technical difficulties that you might face in the event of filing a patent.

However, if you feel that you might not be successful in this area, you could always go for some other field. It is always better to consult a career advisor right before you jump into anything. They will be able to analyze you and your qualities and they will guide you in terms of what you should be doing.

Although, if you are told by the career advisor that a science degree is ideal, you have no choice but to go for that if you want to become a patent attorney. If you don’t already, you will learn how to work hard.

A postgraduate degree

The next step is the postgrad degree. This is where you will learn the most about the field that you want to get into. This field will be directed towards teaching you about the nuances of what means to be a patent attorney. More than half of the time, attorneys will go for a postgrad to make sure that their standing in the field is solid and they do not fall short of other counterparts who are pursuing the same field. Finding what you want to do and working towards that is quite important. You don’t necessarily have to be a genius.

All you have to do is learn the pre-requisite skills. In your work, you will come across patents that are extremely complicated and technical. Since they involve intellectual property, it becomes so much more complex, because you want to be fair to party without making the rights system too convoluted and difficult for the people to understand.

They have to have enough knowledge on the topic for a layman to be able to comprehend what is going on and they do not get stuck in the difficulties of filing an actual patent.

However, there is always the option of not pursuing a postgrad degree. There are many lawyers out there who do not go for a postgrad degree and are able to make it further into the field without worrying too much about falling short.

Oftentimes, patent attorneys want to get into professional life quicker without going for a postgrad degree because they simply do not need it because of their skill set. If you believe that you have all the knowledge that you need and you do not lack any information, you could simply avoid spending money on a degree.

Although, you have to keep in mind that if you are planning to work in a patent firm, you have to have information about it before you decide on going into the market without a postgrad degree. Many firms out there will require you to have a postgrad degree to make sure that you are qualified enough to work at the firm.

Some of these places will have a preference even when it comes to your undergrad degree. You are less likely to get hired if you do not have what they need. Making it on your own and starting your own firm becomes easier if you have experience from a firm that is already established in the market.

There are two ways in which you could go. You could either pursue an LLM degree which will give you all the knowledge that you need in terms of the laws concerning intellectual property. Or, you could always opt for furthering your knowledge in the technical field. Either will be useful when becoming a patent attorney. If you have it in you, you could also try to do both.

You could start working after you’re done with one postgrad degree and then study alongside working. This is the best way to make sure you do not get stuck in a dead-end job.

Understanding the law

The technical stuff may be extremely important, but at the same time, you have to understand that you are becoming an attorney and law happens to be the most crucial part when you are becoming a practicing lawyer in a sense.

You don’t necessarily have to have knowledge of the entire course of the law, but there are some skills that you will only be able to learn when you become a practicing lawyer. More than half of the time, you will have to know how to form a believable argument that can be presented in a court of law.

Patents should portray why exactly some intellectual property belongs to a person. You have to be technical with your argument and you have to have enough information and evidence to make sure that the property is actually theirs and they are not stealing some person’s property.

This can be done in the best way if you have enough information about the law. You don’t exactly need it, but it is always useful to have. Remember that you can never have less information about the field that you are working in.

You have to have an eye for detail and your power of deduction should be quite strong. This will help you to make the right decisions for your client without being unfair to other people in a similar field.

Another aspect of the law that you aren’t bound to have knowledge of, but it’s good if you do, is the section of the law that is concerned with property. Knowing basic sections and articles is never a bad thing.

In fact, you will not only be able to draft a better patent with that help, but you will know where you might be creating loopholes and also where you should be defending yourself. Having knowledge of your field, extensively, is always a good thing because you will be able to focus on details.

If you think that you are not interested in the law, maybe you should not be going for this field, because you have to be passionate about the law to become a patent attorney. You should want to learn as much as you can about this field to excel in it and become one of the best.

If you do not have an interest in the law, sooner or later you will get sick of your field and will want to change it. This is why you should carefully think about every aspect of it before jumping into it and spending money on the school to pay for your future.

To find out if you want to study the law, the best option would be to do some courses or if you have the finances to do the LLB, you could do that. If you recognize that you aren’t entirely comfortable studying that, you may want to re-think your career choices completely.

Commercial skills

When you are deciding to become a patent lawyer, you have to keep in mind that you will be working for various businesses. You will be drafting patents and such for small businesses that will require your legal advice on various matters.

Thereby, you simply would not be able to do that if you do not have a certain level of information about the business systems. So, having information about business and the laws that govern it is quite important to make sure that you are guiding your clients in the right direction. Else, your reputation in the market would be influenced.

In the very beginning, even the tiniest of mistakes can permanently damage your standing with your counterparts and thus, it will become all the more difficult for you to find jobs in the future. Let alone, start your own firm. Working at a firm before starting your own business can actually help with gaining a business sense.

Since you will be working towards those skills, you will have a better understanding of how everything works. Likewise, chances are you will know more through if you have studied and got a business degree.

Commercial skills aren’t inherent and can easily be learned if you actually put you mind to it. Since a lot of your work will be concerning them, it is better if you learn the basics at an early stage. This way you’ll have more time to focus on the problem than on figuring out what exactly the problem entails. What part of the law, you have to focus on or the kind of business that you are working with.

Many patent attorneys work privately sooner or later even if they start off in a firm. And apart from dealing with clientele that is businesses, at some point, you will start running your own business. The best way to frame the structure of your business is something you can only figure out if your commercial skills are polished enough.

Telling people what to do only makes sense when you know exactly what to do. If you eyeball any information or any advice, chances are it will become difficult for you to move further in the specific field. If you are truly passionate, you can also pursue an actual business degree to make sure that your information is as accurate as possible.

You have to keep in mind that clients often confide in their patent attorneys and they expect a lot out of them and thus, having maximum qualifications in any field pertaining to it is always a good idea. That, combined with the experience that you will get from firms that you work in, will help you in constructing your own firm.

Having commercial astuteness will allow your clientele to have more faith in you because you will be showing that you genuinely understand their commercial objectives. And that you are not talking out of pure experience but out of qualified knowledge as well.

Communication is key

Finally, we have the most basic skill that anyone should have if they want to do well in this field, communication. Without knowing how to make your clients understand what you mean, you will easily fall onto the bottom of the food chain. You will have trouble getting new clients because you will not have the means to explain to a layman.

Thereby, this skill is something which you learn over time and will come naturally to you if you face enough problems.

There aren’t many classes that you could take in order to polish these skills to the best of your abilities. This can only be done if you have had enough practice in interacting with people from the field.

However, there is one method to help you become apt in speaking the language of business. Drafting comprehensive documents of a legal nature can help you better understand the complexity and help you further improve upon your language skills.

This is because of the extent to which you will have to go in order to comprehend the stated law. This can be worked upon if you happen to attend law school and go for the LLM. The assignments and papers that you have to write will make sure of it.

Aptitude in language

Another aspect of language that you will need is a better understanding of literal language. Becoming a patent attorney can easily become a job where you will have to interact with international clients. It isn’t necessary to know other languages. But it will always be helpful for you if you know how to read and speak in a few European languages.

This way, you might become an asset for the firm that you work for and furthermore, you will be able to help your clients in a better way.

Since the commercial market is becoming more and more global by the second, knowing how to communicate with new people can be extremely important. Your firm could easily have clients from all around the world.

Make sure not to let globalization be the reason you fall short. If you want to make a living and become popular in your field, having skills that will separate you from your counterparts can always be impressive for the clients. Chances are this will also help you when you decide to start your own firm because it will help you in gaining the loyalty of international clients.


You have to remember that the work of a patent attorney isn’t one-fold and thinking that it is will create problems for you in the future. Focusing on one aspect of it will not help you move forward in this specific field.

There is a lot of education and experience that goes into becoming a professional and in-demand patent attorney. You have to be vigilant and remember that the area of your work is complex and simple studying will not get you very far.

Thereby, creating connections with people and refining your skill sets every now and then can make or break your standing.

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