How to copyright a logo: A complete guide to simplify your queries related to copyright

What is copyright?

We should initiate from the scratch:                  

“Copyright is mainly a series of rights of the author for authentic and original creative work.”

With this guide you will know about – What is copyright? How to copyright a logo and name? And also how much does it cost to copyright a logo? So keep reading this informative session.

Copyright secures creative works such as photographs, artwork (comprising your logo), dance choreography, software code, sound recordings, and even music composition.

Moreover, keep yourself aware that copyright is not responsible for protecting facts, processes, ideas, and other intangible materials.

This separation between ideas and the expression of the idea is quite a big thing in copyright. The story idea isn’t protected, but the way you particularly expressed those ideas in written form lies under copyright law protection. 

Copyright law formulates rules with a framework around how a certain work can be put into use. It plans out the owner’s rights, and also the other people’s responsibilities who are willing to use the work.

Few of the exclusive rights you entail under copyright consist of the authority to publicly perform or display, to create “derivative works” (consider spin-offs and sequels), to make copies, and to do work such as adaptations and translations to other media.

Moreover, copyright lasts for a longer period.

Certainly, if you are the only author, then it will prolong your lifetime (with an addition of 70 years). In case you have got the work done for someone else (also known as work made for hire), it will sustain for rather 120 years from the very date it was formulated (whatsoever is precise), or 95 years from the very date it was initially published.

Other than this information, you need to know how to copyright a logo. And we have discussed that in the further article along with how much it cost to copyright a logo, so keep on following the guide.

What is the benefit of registering your copyright?

So here is what you need to know about copyright registration perks:

As soon as you formulate something suitable for copyright protection, it’s voluntarily protected or secured by copyright law. And that is an incredible thing.

The two necessities are:

  • As mentioned earlier, it should be an original or authentic work (the scale for this is quite low)
  • Within a “tangible medium” copyright is “fixed” –this states, particularly, that it is saved on paper, or in the form of an audio recording, video, or a digital file. While things that live in your head aren’t worth considering here.

Once you have gotten the rights of copyright, imagine what things can be achieved with it? Well, nothing much in reality.

That is because suing an individual requires copyright registration with the federal government. Such registration entails some vital benefits:

  • It works as evidence that your rights for the copyright are authentic (In case you register for publication within five years)
  • It informs the public that you are claiming ownership over a specific item
  • If you opt for the registration of publication within ninety days, it permits you to gain the benefit of something known as “statutory damages.” This states that while filing a lawsuit you don’t have to prove any damages, which can be beneficial in most cases. It also permits you to look for payment for your costs from the infringer and fees of the attorney

All of these benefits tell whether or not to file registration for a copyright for your logo on easy preference.

Specifically, with a lesser cost included!

Filing a copyright registration application

If you think that your logo authorship is beneficial and needs the Copyright Protection Act, then we have mentioned-below – how to copyright a logo and name;

  • To apply, have your original computer prepared design. Get your credit and debit card to make the payment of the online fee
  • Go to the website named the U.S. Copyright Office. Choose “Electronic Copyright Registration” to complete the Form VA online for work registration.
  • Select “Electronic Copyright Registration” to fill in the Form VA online for registration of a work of Visual Arts. Include the logo’s creator name, as well as the owner’s contact information. Most of the logos are work made for hire. In case yours is a professional designer work, then be confident to follow your logo’s submitted image with evidence of ownership transfer from the developer to you. By following the current schedule for a fee, get done with the form submission and make an online payment
  • Complete the process by submitting your 2 hard copies of the pictorial work and deposit via mail
  • Later on, wait for registration and approval to arrive

The above pointers must have solved your query regarding copyrighting a logo and filing a copyright registration application.

How much does it cost to copyright a logo?

The fee for copyright registration differs. However, it is cheaper than trademark application filling.

Following are the information:

  • For every application, the copyright registration fee is $55
  • If there is an individual author who has developed the work in real, the fee is charged only $35

That lesser fee is mostly applicable to a logo made for businesses such as sole proprietors. But if you have developed the logo on behalf of the LLC (Limited Liability Company) you work with or even own, then a greater fee will be applied.

Except for that, the lawyer who files it for you bears the sole costs.

Isn’t it possible for you to do it yourself?

Of course, you can do it on your own, but the procedure can be a little perplexing. There is a fine amount of choices and jargon you are required to make.

Being naive about the procedure, you can make a mistake while applying yourself and one wrong voice can lead to disqualification. Hence, hiring a professional in the field for the deed is the safest and most recommended option.

However, if you plan to make an application by yourself, it normally comes down to an equilibrium – you should consider how much time it will take you to comprehend all the things and gain knowledge of the procedure, versus hiring someone to do it for you.

To file a copyright registration on your name, attorneys usually ask for hundreds of dollars.

Reminder: Even though you may tackle the whole trademark or copyright process of registration via regular mail. An online registration application makes everything cheaper and quicker. Usually, a logo is tiny, and you can do its online submission within a go.

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