Is it illegal to live in a storage unit in California?

Fun Fact: Different studies have reflected that a person should spend less than 30% of the income on rent. Kind of funny! Right? Why pay your hard-earned money to rent an apartment while you can live in a storage unit at an affordable cost. Now the question arises, what is a storage unit? A storage unit is based on small containers in which a person can reside and is highly preferable by students as it is available at affordable prices.

On the other hand, states have diversified laws regarding living in a storage unit. As prices for renting a house are increasing every passing year, homelessness risks are also prevailing in California specifically. As a result, people are struggling to look for an affordable place to live.

Undoubtedly, storage units can be a cheap and creative option with rates up to $1 along with 20% off with other rental facilities. But if you are a Californian, then you might think, is it illegal to live in a storage unit in California? Let’s try to dig into further facts associated with prohibitions of living in a storage unit. 

Why would someone opt to live in a storage unit?

It’s no secret that the renting process is hitting the roof regardless of zip code. Even worse, these hiked rents force the residents to work extra for long office hours and sometimes to go for a second job to comply with the rent requirements. Additionally, they also do blue-collar jobs to afford the rent. Still, after all this hard work, one cannot rent a spacious apartment. Most surprisingly, it is even difficult to have a studio that costs up to $1000 in many cities of the United States.

According to the Livable reports, rent for a single bedroom apartment is leveled up in 89 cities out of 100 biggest housing markets in the US. On the contrary, it is raised to 20% in the cities like California, Colorado Spring, and Stockton.

Has anyone experienced living in a storage unit?

As you go through the rental prices, you may find it more convenient and affordable to live in a storage unit with discounted prices and free electricity and security facilities. It may sound unusual but you can make a good living without going hand to mouth with your expenses. But the question arises, has someone lived in a storage unit ever?

The storage unit life took a hype when a Youtuber 007 Cast not only lived in an affordable storage unit but shared the experience in many of his vlogs as well. He filmed everything that can be kept in the storage unit, which included a bed, his belongings, and lighting. The storage unit in which the YouTuber was living was just 10 x 10 feet in size, however, he claimed that he had lived in it for about two months.

He further claimed that he was allowed to spend as much time as he wanted and he was never caught until the storage unit company found that he had been living and filming in the storage. After finding it out, they immediately took action against him.

Why a person can’t live in a storage unit

There are other few good reasons apart from the law issues as to why living in a storage unit is not a good idea,

  • Scarcity of Water: The storage units do not have proper running water for an effective sanitary living condition.
  • Lack of Natural Lights: Storage Units do not have an effective cross-ventilation system.
  • Chances of Getting Caught: You might focus on living in the storage unit, however, there are likely chances that you will be caught. Different facilities have security cameras installed.

Is it illegal to live in a storage unit in California?

A straight answer for the question is No. Although following the YouTuber’s idea may be exciting and affordable for many, it is not legal to live in a storage unit.

It’s illegal because they are not designed to live inside and they do not fall on the housing laws and codes defined by the states. Therefore, if you still want to experience living inside a storage unit, then you may get into legal trouble eventually. Living inside it will charge you with the violation laws of safety, health, and sanitation laws. Additionally, you can also be charged for the breach of your contract if you sleep inside the unit and for trespassing charges for being at an illegal property the whole night.

Hence, you might be convinced with the idea of living at a storage unit from Youtuber, but it’s not a tempting one to push legal limitations. You are allowed to keep your belongings and stuff that you need extra space for, but is it illegal to live in a storage unit in California – No.

What are other options you can take to slash out your rental paycheck?

It’s hard to watch more of your money leaving your pocket in just the name of rent even not for a luxurious space, but it is also not a good idea to exchange it with an illegal option specifically in California.

Luckily, if you can’t afford the ever-increasing rental costs of your city, then you can search for other options that fall under your budget. For example, you can search for safe housing options across your city to avoid legal ramifications and save your money as well. You can also opt for capsule hotels which is a legal option available.

Safe housing options include opportunities like government assistance, travel to cheaper cities, and even low-income options. This safe housing information is available online to provide you with instant and affordable housing solutions. Find the option that suits your needs best and go for it legally.

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