Office security is important for every worker

Every individual requires and deserves to be a part of a secure and safe working environment. Though cybersecurity is one of the most commonly discussed aspects of workplace safety in this high-tech world, but not the sole aspect.  There are significant other aspects to this list equally important when it comes to office security.

According to the research, back in 2018 and 2019, violence at office premises was reported to be the most common incident. This alarming rise in the number of cases demands to improve the workplace and office security.

The advancement in technology has made it easier for the world to upgrade and manage physical security. It is estimated that the market of physical security may rise to the value of $292.4 billion.

But, is it so simple to apply all the security measures at a workplace?

Well, if you’re working as a senior manager or leading the company by any chance, you must be aware of the fact how tough it gets to handle your employee’s security.

There is a great deal for you to learn about office security and the following five factors will help you keep your office building safe from any kind of incidents and intruders.

Proper lights installation

Robberies or theft usually take place in the dark as the criminals don’t want to reveal their identities. To prevent any such stealing incident, you need to take a proactive step against it.

Once you install good lighting outside of your office, it would somehow create a sense of fear in the hearts of the thieves, compelling them to think a thousand times of the treatment they will have to go through once caught.

You can even make use of motion lights which indicate motions through their sensors. Furthermore, there are security cameras available in the market with night visions and with flashlights installed in them.

Locking of server rooms

You must have noticed some independent rooms in the offices for the server kept protected from every unrelated personnel. Only the IT staff is authorized to have access to the server rooms.

The protection of server rooms is essential at every workplace. In case you get to work in an office with physical server rooms, it is essential for you to provide them with separate space.

You may be wondering why is it important?

Once you become part of the company, all of your details are stored on the server of the firm. By providing the proper lock and key of the room,  your sensitive data is protected from any kind of harm.

In case of lack of server protection, anybody with an evil plan may have the power to get access through the pen drive, or by rebooting the systems.

Therefore, It’s advisable to keep the company’s heart secure behind proper locking systems.

Usage of access control

Despite of the common usage of access control in most of the offices, only super-marts and public places are reported to be left without appropriate and good quality access control mechanisms. 

It has become pretty common these days in offices to provide workers with access cards, use of fingerprints or face recognition. These factors give all the employees the leverage of having access to any part of the office building. Make sure to protect your office with fingerprints of all the employees as it minimizes the risk of people trying to invade.

Moreover, instead of letting the visitors have direct access to your office,  it is suitable to build a lobby far from the real workstations.

Setting up surveillance

Sometimes, people somehow manage to get in by fooling the authentication system. Well, how will you be able to stop them before any incident occurs?

A surveillance system offers you a great deal of reliable office security. For instance, in case of anyone invading your office premises without your consent, video monitoring enables you to stop them instantly.

Some people try to take the advantage of low light; they might see the night as the ideal opportunity to break in. However, the usage of security cameras with motions will trigger the alarm if someone tries to intrude on your office building.

Take aid from a security expert

Some organizations are reluctant to take an expert on board, thinking of the major costs attached to it. Well, there are chances that the unforeseeable incidents might cost you even more.

Despite of adopting all the possible security measures mentioned above, there is still a chance for you to miss out tiniest details. In such a case, the security officers will help you resolve that issue.


Every organization should develop an office security plan in order to keep their employees safe from any kind of mishaps. The security measures mentioned in this article will be a good start for your organization to protect your employees.  

Make use of it and keep everyone secure.

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