Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

We all have seen the lady justice – holding scales representing and stating that equality and fairness will be served to everyone. However, there’s much difference in serving with equality and fairness when it comes to treating ordinary people v.s government officials, like Hillary Clinton.

Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

For those who always scratch their heads wondering why a majority of Americans believe that Washington D.C. has ever been rigged for them, just read today’s post in full.

In October 2015, on testifying in front of the Benghazi elected committee Hillary Clinton said that there’s nothing that was marked confidential at her email accounts either received or sent, as she made the statement under oath.

The FBI is now accepting that the statement they came through was false and distracting. Unfortunately, this was not the only one that she tried to convey falsely.

James Comey, FBI Director laid out trails of appalling failures in a press conference that showed that the Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton displayed extremely reckless behaviors in handling the confidential details and materials of the State. He added that she had been incautious with high-classified and sensitive information in her time at the administration office.

The FBI investigations noticed that the recklessness of using unprotected devices and servers invited hostile hackers to infringe the security of the state.

They also said that Clinton had sworn wrongly that her lawyers scraped every mail folder through her account to look for work-related content, – that never happened, stated FBI.

FBI added that she also mentioned that she was using a single server throughout her tenure – False again.

The untold truth which will remain covered is that the Congress, FBI, and the Americans will never get to know what those work-related emails held that were washed away so cleverly from the servers that even the forensic couldn’t recover. This is probably why lawmakers and politicians are forced to ponder over the ‘Clinton above the law?” phrase that gets thrown around.

As the Director FBI stated that maybe there were other emails that the lawyers (Clinton’s) produced and they were not likely to be sent to the State and the FBI couldn’t find it elsewhere because they were gone.

From incompetence or deliberate disregard for the security protocol, Hillary Clinton put national security at risk intentionally for having a personal gain. Besides her contradictory statements, Clinton transacted to send and receive the highly confidential secret information through her unprotected email servers.

However, knowing all the conspiracy the FBI inconceivably stated that they recommend no criminal proceedings for prosecution.

From the FBI’s statement, Americans and most of the journalists were disappointed, but the instance of putting politics over justice does not come as a surprise in the history records.

The same law not surprisingly began to act differently when a Navy reservist was fined, prosecuted, and even sentenced for transferring the classified information from the official devices to the personal one without the intention of misusing it. He must be punished like every American would be as he breached the rules and violated security protocols, but that does not fit for every highly government-connected individual. Because the well-honored elite individuals in the state always have their own set of rules.

FBI further recovered hundreds of emails that should be turned over by Clinton due to legal obligations.

Many Americans still wonder why they did not need to ponder over Clinton’s email scandal other than the FBI’s decision of not moving with the prosecution. The reason of letting off the former secretary frustrated many US citizens and compelled them to think that Washington precisely is rigged against them due to the lack of transparency throughout the federal agencies and at the White House claims, where it enunciated that no account will be imposed on high-ranking officials with even clear implementations of misconducts.

When Clinton made the direct claim that she did not send or receive confidential information before taking oath in front of the Benghazi Select Committee, demanded the warrant review and raised the question further.

To regain the trust of Americans, Congress has to put wrongdoers accountable and let the agencies do their job – that’s the only way out for Congress after Clinton’s misconduct.

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