How you can do free Criminal Background check on someone?

A Free criminal background check delivers information about a person like full name, address history, social security number, gender, criminal history, and criminal charges, etc.

Background checks are often performed by the employers to check the presence of any criminal activity in the records of an employee. Criminal background check reflects a preemptive approach to make sure that the employee/s was/were not involved in any criminal activity in the past.

How to get Criminal Background check for Free?

The information is available online, but it’s a time-consuming exercise. You have to follow some strict guidelines before you get access to someone’s personal information. To know how to get a criminal background check for free without breaking any law, you might be interested in knowing the details. Here we go:

Obtain permission

If you are an employer and seeking the background information for your newly hired employee, then you should take written consent from the employee that ensures your compliance with EEOC that will retain the employee to claim that you have invaded his privacy.

On the other hand, if you’re not an employer but want to conduct the background check for a person who has recently moved into your neighborhood, then you can use other options that are explained below.

A Google search

In order to look for the information that is available publicly, you have to enter the name of the employee or a person in quotation marks on the Google search bar such as “John Smith”.

You can skim down your search results by entering more details about the person like state, address, job title, or former home address. A specific search can bring out accurate results.

Social media networks

Social media account holders preserve the right to share the information that is controlled or shared voluntarily. But for making a decision you must not rely on the information that is provided publicly and shown to all. The information may be shared to falsify any idea or just reposted to have another viewpoint.

For getting the employment and education history, LinkedIn is an authentic platform to look for, if you want to verify or look at the employment history of an employee. Similarly, you can explore Facebook to get personal information, address, and location. You can use Instagram to see other information like pictures and involvements. And Twitter is a good place to discover a person’s opinion and interests.

Check public records

Social media channels and search engines can provide you with the general information about a person. However, to get a free criminal background check, you might need to visit the State’s official Government website.

To look for the bankruptcy record available publicly online, you can explore PACER. Although Pacer is not free, you need a user account with 10 cents for every page search. Another easy way to get a free criminal background check through courts is to visit the National Center for State Courts.

Look for an IP Address or Web Domain

Domain data is publicly available to access easily online. If a candidate has listed a professional website in the resume, then the domain registration portal can tell you more about the candidate if you know the IP address of the website host. Since some domains are private, but Whois Lookup offers a simple way to find out if someone owns more than one domain.

Check the information on the National Sex offender database

On the National Sex Offender Public Website, you can find the free background check whether a person is listed as a sex offender or not. You must type the accurate first and last name of the person in the search bar. The public website can be used to search for sex offenders in your area.

What is some Criminal background check free App and Websites?

There’s no harm in getting the background check of a person until there is a privacy invasion issue. The good thing about getting background checks is, they are easy to conduct and by using the free services, you can access the information without getting traced publicly. Some of the features can be availed for free, while for some you have to purchase a premium account. For the time being, the following services can be considered.

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