Long Term effects of Prescription Drugs

Several kinds of prescription drugs are available in the market that has the potential of addiction and their regular use can lead you to engage in drug abuse. Long term effects of prescription drugs can lead to negative consequences such as health issues that can be mental and physical. Mental issues may include anxiety, depression, and cynical issues. Moreover, physical health issues include the risk of cardiac diseases, liver damages, and kidney failure as a result of drug abuse.

Drugs that can elevate abusive effects include opioids, painkillers (OxyContin, nervous system depressants, and Hydrocodone). Health risks that users of these addictive drugs can encounter include:

  • Lack of immunity to the medication
  • Organ failure and damages
  • Psychological cravings and addictions
  • Discontinuation of the emotions and symptoms
  • Mental health disorders like depression and paranoia
  • Lack of rational behaviors

Indirect drug abuse effects include:

  • Legal problems
  • Broken relationships
  • Financial problems
  • Poor health
  • Injuries

One of the potential long term effects of prescription drugs is that it changes the mindset of the user also abuses the brain so much that it leads to creating mental health problems. Drug abuse impairs memory, affects thinking, and can be the reason for the oddity in the learning capability of a person.

Long-term effects of drug abuse on the body

Serious health issues can be faced by drug abusers, if not addressed carefully and instantly. Some of the health issues that affect the body can last for years and in some exceptional cases, they last forever. Nearly every single system and organ of the body gets affected by the long term drug effect. The major long-term effects are:

Cardiovascular Diseases

Stimulants that include cocaine and heroin hit hard especially on the heart, they cause damage each time they are used. Injectable heroin drug causes infections in the blood vessels and can be the reason for veins to collapse that results in heart failure or even death.

Kidney Damage

Many drugs affect kidneys, which leads to damaged kidneys and kidney failures. Kidneys can be affected due to dehydration, breakdown under tissues, or increased body temperatures.

Respiratory Problems

Breathing problems can be increased by consuming smoked drugs, especially if you are already suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues. Drug causing respiratory problems can lead to lung cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. Opioids depressants addiction can worsen lung diseases.

Liver Damage

In some cases, when drugs like heroin are taken along with alcohol they can be life-threatening, Prescription opioids also have the potential to damage the liver and the damages can be more severe if the drug usage is not stopped at a particular time.

Gastrointestinal Damage

Many drugs have lasting effects on the stomach or create decay in the intestine, which may result in severe pain, constipation, and acid reflux. Not only this, a person can have digestion and appetite problems that will decrease the body balance that nutrients, proteins, and other essential elements keep in the body.

The sooner a person gets over the drug addiction, the better it will be to recover and to stay healthy. However, permanent effects on the body may remain present on the body for life, but getting treatment from healing centers may help to overcome an addict recover and attain a better quality of life.

The hardest step towards getting out of the addiction is to take the first one i.e. identifying that you have a drug addiction and deciding to bring yourself out of the situation takes guts. What you can do to help yourself to avoid getting long term effects of prescription drugs?

Here’s the answer

  • Be aware of the fact that you cannot change everything by yourself, you may need a professional
  • Consult a professional that can help you taking out from the negative and abusive state
  • Avoid dependencies, change your behavior towards your needs
  • Think about yourself, your prosperity, your wellbeing, avoid negative and helpless thoughts
  • Trust yourself and be honest, keep motivating yourself that you can resist the anxiety and suffering without drugs
  • Spend your free time with positive people, attend events and celebrations
  • Change the way you think about yourself
  • Keep an eye on OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription drugs you take for regular treatments
  • Learn to cope with stress, have patience and keep visiting healing centers for constant results

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