A Police officer in North Carolina killed the suspect when he stabbed his teenage step-daughter

Charlotte, North Carolina – A man was shot dead by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officer after he stabbed his 13-year-old daughter with a knife.

The barbarous killing occurred at Blairbeth street in Ballantyne near the North Carolina Border.

The Chief of the Charlotte Police Force says that the furious man barged into a home that belonged to his ex-wife and her daughter. When the police arrived they saw that the accused was holding a knife and began stabbing his stepdaughter multiple times. This is where the Police had to shoot the man on the spot. The girl was then sent to hospital with fatal injuries.

He further stated in a press briefing:

“They were met with something that horrific, to see a 13-year-old getting stabbed, and they were left with no choice, ” Johnny Jennings, the chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, said, according to the Charlotte Observer. “The motive to stab a 13-year-old is something that is beyond comprehension for us.”

Chief Jennings added that the investigators don’t know the reason behind all this yet. They possibly never find out because the suspect is now dead. He also said that it was a hostage situation, but it’s too early to predict how long the suspect had her under control. 

According to Fox News; Jennings said in a media briefing:

“There is the question whether she was stabbed previously to the encounter with the officers but what we know now is that as she’s being treated, she’s being treated for multiple stab wounds and that’s still something that has to be uncovered once we talk to the officers,”

He also said that the Officers acted heroically.

Police Authorities say that the officer who fired the man is upset and distraught that he witnessed such a terrible event and he had to do this. But the department will back them with the help they would need in the future.

The case is now under investigation with SBI. The representative from the CMPD says that this is the third time when an officer is involved in the shooting of a citizen this year.

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