An extreme collection of the best pick-up lines to be used for your next hearing

Pick-up lines generally lie somewhere in between the extreme cheesily bad and actionably harassing. The art of crafting pick-up lines brings a level of sad nerdism that makes it perfect for lawyers and law students. You should be well versed in crafting these pick-up lines if you are a professional lawyer.

For all the new law pass outs who want to start their legal career in the next few months, the following pick-up lines will really help you to make your mark at your court hearings. By using these pick-up lines, you can add a bit of spice in your arguments.

The best pick-up lines used by lawyers in different situations

You must be a long-arm statute coz you could grab me anywhere

A long-arm statute is a legal term used to allow a court to achieve certain personal jurisdiction on a defendant who is out of state. This jurisdiction can be implied only if the defendant has sufficient connection with the state.

By making the above statement, a lawyer is accosting his friend that he can contact him anywhere, anytime, even out of state.


Are you a confidential file? Because I’d like to examine you on the camera

Confidential files! You may already know about them. These are documents that contain sensitive information, memoranda, analysis, summaries, specifications, prints, case studies, etc.

Here, a lawyer may refer to any secret between the lines and want to investigate things deeply.

Hi, are you my legal fees? Because you’re way too high

Lawyers know how to play with the words. The more experience the lawyers get, the more fee they charge. Here, a lawyer is referring to his colleague’s hefty fee that he charges from his clients.

Would you like to see my power of attorney?

A Power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows a person to act on another person’s behalf in certain situations when an incident that is mentioned in the document occurs. Being sarcastically humorous, a lawyer wants to threaten somebody with his power to act on somebody’s behalf and he’s able to make a decision that may go against him.


I hope you don’t object to this leading question but, would you mind going out with me?

A leading question in law pushes the respondent to respond in a specific manner. Many lawyers tend to use phrases that compel the witness to answer precisely to the question posed.

Maybe he’s asking a client to spare some time and discuss the matters about the case.

Don’t take me wrong, but you have to drop your suit

To drop a lawsuit defines the act of case withdrawal against a defendant. For example, a plaintiff(s) can drop the lawsuit against the defendant(s) in light of the court’s verdict. But the essence of this pick-up line can be taken as if the lawyer is suspicious of an individual, and wants him to drop the suit (suitcase – briefcase) that he might have been holding.


This is no burden of proof on me while saying how nice you are

The burden of proof is a legal term that determines the authority of a party to put forth the evidence in order to get the expected claim to prevail. Mostly the party that files the claim bears the burden of proof.

With this pick-up line, a lawyer tends to pass a compliment to his client for being nice to him and that he bears no burden of proof as the claim is already proved by his nice gestures.

I owe you a treat, beyond a reasonable doubt

Reasonable doubt is basically the doubt that is beyond speculations. It is based on pure common sense and valid reasons. This statement is used in situations where a lawyer has helped his colleague in tackling a difficult case.

Aren’t they cheesy enough and some of the best pick-up lines from lawyers? You can play with many other legal quips. Be curious to add humor in making your very own pick-up lines, otherwise, you may face ramifications after all.

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