1 in every 3 Servicewomen in U.S Air Force faces Sexual Harassment

Department of U.S Air Force found out that one in every 3 servicewomen face sexual harassment while on the job.

The Inspector-General magazine published a detailed review showcasing that the white servicewomen are more targeted for the sexual advancements and harassment compared to the black service members; who are relatively lesser targeted but they face racial injustice while on service in the U.S Air Force.

According to the review, 299 sexual advancement cases were reported in 2020, and a vast majority of the cases were conducted by white members. The year 2019 saw the worse breach of code of conduct when most sexual harassment cases ever were reported i.e. over 1700 active reports were made against service members.

The Inspector General’s report stated, for women the most serious identified type of harassment was sexual jokes that make them feel uncomfortable, followed by repeated attempts to establish an unwanted sexual or romantic relationship and sexual comments about their appearance or body.”

Sadly, over 40 percent of women service members stated that they received much worse treatment from their colleagues after filing the complaint and were so much under pressure to withdraw from them. More than 38 percent of servicewomen were pressured to drop the charges of sexual harassment.

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The Department of Defense confessed that sexual harassment is an underreported crime.

The Under Secretary of the Air Force, Gina Ortiz Jones stated these disparities and gaps in trust affect our operational readiness – we don’t have time or talent to lose. We will actively work to rebuild that trust and ensure the department of the air force members, the One Team our nation needs to protect our interests in air and space can serve to their full potential.”

Most of the female members who took part in the review stated that they do not trust the justice system to receive any compensation or the accused will be charged for their sadistic behaviors.

Frank Kendal, the Air Force secretary exclaimed that he was extremely troubled by the claims of inappropriate handling of domestic violence complaints and have already ordered a comprehensive review into the complaints.

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