U.S. college admissions scandal – Ex-media executive pleads guilty

Another media personality pleads guilty in the U.S college admissions scandal.

An Ex-media Executive finally agreed to plead guilty to participating in the U.S College admissions scandal by paying almost $525,000 to secure admission for her children in top universities of America.

Elisabeth Kimmel, who was a former president and owner of Midwest television in San Diego; has agreed to plead guilty as her trial is scheduled to start in September in Boston. She will be pleading guilty along with three other influential and wealthy parents in the US. College admissions scandal.

The La Jolla resident of California has agreed to accept her crime of conspiring mail and wire fraud and will be spending six weeks in prison as well as one year in her home confinement.

Apart from the physical penalty, she will also be paying $250,000 as a fine and will perform 500 community service hours.

The U.S college admissions scandal just got bigger as more than 57 people are being charged over participating in the scheme. California’s college admissions consultant William Rick Singer is one of the most lethal parts of this scandal as he is the one who used to secure admissions for wealthy children into colleges across America.

William Rick Singer has already pleaded guilty in 2019 over charges of facilitating cheating in the entrance exams of college through bribery as well as securing admissions for students based on fake athletic records.

Up till now, 32 parents have pleaded guilty in the U.S college admissions scandal including the famous “Felicity Huffman” from “desperate housewives” and Lori Loughlin from “Full House”. Many others are still facing the charges.

According to the prosecutors, Elisabeth Kimmel paid Rick Singer $275000 in 2012 to get her daughter admitted to Georgetown University and again paid $25000 in 2017 to secure admission to the University of Southern California for her son.

Prosecutors claimed that the tennis coach of Georgetown University Gordon Ernst accepted more than $2.7 million in the form of a bribe from the consultant Singer to let the students enter the university.

Ernst is also going through a trial at the moment and according to his lawyers, he is also close to finalizing a plea regarding the allegations against him.

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