What happens if you lose a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Do you know what happens if you lose a car accident lawsuit? A car accident is one of the most common issues prevailing in the United States of America. You can almost agree with the fact that it could happen to even the best of drivers.

At times, when you accidentally bump into someone else’s automobile, you are not at fault, yet, you are still susceptible to be dragged into a court of law. And you may end up paying a hefty settlement amount. However, the amount you may have to pay to the aggrieved party, as per the court’s judgment, may vary according to how severe an accident has been. Let’s get into more details regarding this.

If a physical injury has taken place, and you are accused of negligence, the settlement amount could be as high as $300,000. On the other hand, if an injury is not too serious, the amount agreed between both parties could be as low as $5,000.

Besides, insurance coverage is another essential factor that determines the settlement between the parties involved. If plenty of insurance coverage is available at your disposal, you will have to settle for an immense amount. In case of limited liability coverage related to bodily injury, the amount may drop significantly.

The best way to deal with the intricacies of lawsuits resulting from a car accident is to hire an attorney. Lawyers have a better understanding of all the insurance coverage options you may have and do not know. There could be a significant coverage amount available to you, yet, without you being aware of it.

Regardless of who is at fault when a car accident occurs, you should be aware of things you must not do to avoid losing a car accident lawsuit. If you are unaware of what happens if you lose a car accident lawsuit as it can hurt your financial prospects, even your life-long savings you earned to have a stress-free post-retirement life. What about the emotional pain and your precious time that would be wasted if you act impulsively? Most people react angrily, which is the last thing anyone can do to exacerbate the problem. Here is a detailed explanation of what you must do and not do in case of a car accident:

Never admit your fault or apologize

Just stay polite and calm and never admit that you are at fault if an accident takes place. Admittance automatically weakens your case and makes you liable to pay for the damage caused. Apologizing also puts you under scrutiny, and you could be deprived of whatever insurance coverage you are entitled to claim.

Never panic

It is natural to become frustrated in these kinds of situations, but always remember that giving an emotional reaction or losing your cool can undoubtedly make you seem like an offender. You cannot fix what has just happened, but behaving rudely towards the other party is not recommended.

Avoid speaking to anyone about the Accident

Never trust others when dealing with matters like these. Once an accident has taken place, share what you know with your insurance company and your attorney. If the lawyer or the insurance company of another party has contacted you for the same, direct them to your attorney or the insurance company. Avoid revealing information to anyone on your own as it could go against you if legal proceedings are to take place in the court of law.

Never sign on the First Settlement Offer

Always take your Lawyer in the loop even if a settlement seems attractive to you. If your case is neutral, your Lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Never file a Lawsuit without an Attorney

Considering the desperate nature of circumstances, never feel inclined to initiate filing the lawsuit on your own. It can turn things more complicated for you. Doing so is akin to pushing yourself in a dense forest, not knowing where to go.

Do not make haste in accepting an appraisal for damages

If you think the appraisal costs offered by your insurance company are insufficient, investigate the matter on your own to determine the price you believe you deserve to be paid. In case your insurance company pressurizes you, fight back by hiring an attorney to assist you with what you deserve.

Never leave the scene

If you leave the scene in the aftermath of a car accident, you could end up being charged with a criminal offense and punished accordingly. However, the charges vary from state to state.

Immediately call 911

If someone is not hurt in a car accident, it is not wise to run away. If you are involved, immediately call 911. It helps file a police report, which could be critical for determining who has been at fault. A police report comprises essential facts related to the car accident, such as the condition of the road, contact numbers, and names of witnesses, in addition to an official write-up regarding the occurrence of the accident.

Never avoid hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Whenever a car accident happens, you must get a cost-free evaluation from an expert car accident lawyer. The best car accident attorneys evaluate your case without charging any fee, especially when you don’t know anything about what happens if you lose a car accident lawsuit. If an accident is a serious one, and the party involved is physically hurt, it is always important to contact a lawyer to avoid big trouble. Once you have engaged a qualified attorney, you have the best chance of protecting your legal rights, including receiving adequate compensation.

Always document the Car Accident

Never leave the scene of an accident before taking as much information as you can about the accident. If you have a smartphone or a camera with you, take all the pictures of the scene—Take down the names and contact information of the parties involved along with information related to their insurance providers.

If you come across witnesses to the accident, write down their statements of what they saw. Importantly, also record details related to the time and date of the accident along with the conditions. For instance, was it raining or snowing at the time of the accident? If you overlook such information about the accident, you will find it very difficult to defend yourself in court should you or the aggrieved party sues you. Additionally, your insurance company may also need this kind of information to make a strong case for you.

Document Your Injuries

If you are the one who got hurt in a car accident, do not forget to document your injuries. Take pictures of your wounds or, if possible, make a video as it is an excellent tool to show to your insurance company or the jury. Being a sufferer at somebody else’s fault, do not allow the defense lawyer to minimize what you have gone through for so many months. In this case, you deserve good compensation.

Do not hide any information from your Lawyer

Your attorney is supposed to know everything related to a car accident. Whatever way or how an accident took place, every minute detail is vital for the Lawyer. It would be best if you did not hide anything from him. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask. The more you communicate with your attorney, the easier it will become for you to identify the red flags and sort them out accordingly.

Be cautious when using Social Media Websites like Twitter and Facebook

If you are the one who is hurt in a car accident, be careful when using social media. Avoid posting your pictures and sharing any personal information related to the accident.

The Lawyer or the accused party’s insurance company could spy on your accounts to determine how active you have been on social media even after getting hurt in an accident. They can use your activities as a way to prove in a court of law that you are exaggerating your medical condition so that you can claim a hefty amount. Hence, when a legal proceeding is taking place, the best thing to do is avoid using social media entirely. You do not want to give a clue to the defendant’s attorney at the end of the day.

In all the matters where a lawsuit is involved, it is always better to be cautious than sorry. Have a detailed look at all the points mentioned above to become aware of how a car accident lawsuit should always be approached, regardless of who is at fault.

You can now judge how susceptible you are if you are unaware of the details about What happens if you lose a car accident lawsuit, whether you are the accused one or someone else. Your ultimate job is to be aware of your legal rights so that nobody can exploit you if such a tragedy unfolds out of nowhere.

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