Georgia felon accused of shooting two deputies is incarcerated after nearly a week-long manhunt

According to GBI – A manhunt for a felon, suspected of shooting two Georgia deputies ended up this Sunday afternoon.

The suspect, Tyler Keith Henderson of Ochlocknee is nabbed by authorities in the county of Southwest Georgia. According to the GBI officials, Henderson managed to escape the arrest for five days despite the intense search that included helicopters.

Thomas County Sheriff wrote on a social media site on Sunday that, “He will now be a resident of the Thomas County Jail and will be held accountable for trying to take the life of three of our Deputies.”

Henderson, 25, is accused of shooting on three deputies where two of whom got struck by the fire, and one was protected due to the ballistic vest. The two who got shot were hit under the vest protection and sustained the gunshot. After the shooting, both the deputies are now in stable condition as immediate care was given following the Ochlocknee shooting.

“Our efforts will now shift to getting our Deputies back to 100%,” Sheriff added in the post.

The said shooting incident happened in Ochlocknee in Georgia, a small town with a population of 672 individuals when the deputies were issuing a warrant to Henderson and he got controlled over one of the deputy’s guns and opened fire before he could escape.

According to GBI, authorities announced Blue Alert after the incident, which is supposed to be an emergency denotation used to activate for the violent suspects and criminals who manage to escape after seriously injuring or killing law enforcement officers. 

Officials also offered a $10,000 reward for providing the arrest information about Henderson prior to the arrest which was initially set to $5,000.

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