Court ordered to return $1,400 to victims of the Boston Marathon Attack as restitution for COVID relief payment

According to Wednesday’s court filing, Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who is already behind the bars is ordered to return the COVID relief fund of $1,400 he received last summer with any other payments he received from the government.

The filing said that the money he got must be spent as the compensation amount for the victims of the Boston attacks.

Tsarnaev inmate trust account has $3,885.06 along with the other funds he received from private citizens, government offices as relief funds, and the Office of Federal Defenders of New York.

According to WFXT, the deposits in the inmate account include:

  • Multiple deposits during May 2016 and June 2021 from the Office of Federal Defenders of NY. The total amount was $11,230 which was deposited in multiple transactions.
  • A $1,400 coronavirus relief fund
  • Monthly deposits that ranged between $30 and $60 from a resident of Indianapolis. The total amount deposited between Aug 2015 and Aug 2021 was $2,555.
  • Monthly deposit of $50 from other individuals from New Jersey and Bloomfield which makes the total of $1,450.
  • Occasional deposits of $50 to $200 from the residents of Maryland, and Fredrick between Dec 2013 and Dec 2018 totaling $950.

The court filing stated that Tsarnaev received $3,486 from over 30 individuals.

The filing also revealed that the convict spent thousands of dollars on his siblings in the name of ‘support’, ‘gifts’, and ‘books’ but he hardly paid the owed amount of $101 million to the victims or the $3,000 as the special assessment amount that he was penalized at the time of sentencing.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev received a death sentence after the two years of the Boston Marathon Bombing attack, which took the lives of three individuals and left many injured with serious injuries. The inmate has only paid $2,202.03 as a part of restitution so far.

However, the conviction was overturned when the court ruled that the trial judge convicted the defendant leaving some of the evidence behind. An appeal to return a death sentence for the defendant is still before the US Supreme court.

The prosecutor argued that he has the right to spend for himself even in the prison, like clothes and books but the money should be sent to the victims now.

After observing a lien on Tsarnaev’s property along with his trust account, the prosecutor added;

“By Congressional mandate, the United States has a statutory duty to collect restitution owed to crime victims.

According to the filing;

“The United States submits that the requested relief is reasonable and appropriate in this instance, especially in light of the Defendant prioritizing payments to his siblings over the victims of his crimes.”

However, it is still unexplained how the convict received the coronavirus payments in the first place.

As stated by authorities, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev were accused of planting explosive equipment near the finishing line of the Marathon which resulted in numerous injuries and deaths when it exploded. According to reports, seventeen people who were injured in the attack lost one limb. Later on, Tamerlan died in a police shootout during a manhunt.

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