Serial conman Fugitive Peter Foster got arrested in Victoria six months after failing to appear in court

According to a recent news update, Fugitive Peter Foster has been arrested after a chase of six months where he failed to appear in the court of Sydney based on fraud charges.

Queensland police also issued a fresh arrest warrant for Fugitive Peter Foster over fraud charged after he constantly failed to attend his trial in the Sydney court in May.

A federal police taskforce who was assigned the case of Foster arrested him at the house near the Victorian town located in Gisborne, in the Macedon Ranges northwest of Melbourne, on Tuesday.

Nigel Ryan, the assistant commissioner highlighted that Foster tried to evade police, but

“didn’t get far from the back door”.

The commissioner also said that Foster was taken down to Royal Melbourne Hospital for the assessment after he urged the officers that he is facing a medical condition.

He said Foster was “living quite comfortably” in the property where he was found.

“We’ve been investigating this matter for more than six months so, it indicates that he has probably been there for a good amount of time.”

Fugitive Peter Foster was originally arrested on a beach located in Port Douglas, far north Queensland, back in August last year on the charges brought by the NSW police in the case of defrauding $ 2 million worth of bitcoin through a trading scam.

The 120 bitcoin which is at the center for the case was worth more than $8.6m over the market prices on Tuesday.

In May, when the police found the clue about the Fugitive Peter Foster, Queensland forced a new arrest warrant for the charges of manslaughter, drug trafficking, and money laundering.

“This arrest is a considerable result and a testament to the excellent working relationship between the AFP and Queensland police,” Ryan said.

“We have been working hand in glove together and this man would still be at large without their operational input”.

He said there was “nowhere to hide” for people sought by the AFP’s fugitive apprehension strike team.

“The AFP, with our partner agencies, are relentless in ensuring those wanted for crimes face justice,” he said.

The Federal Police will be addressing the media on his arrest warrant on Tuesday afternoon.

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