Exclusive access to Texas DPS lab processing fentanyl seizures: Sara Carter Investigates

The open boundaries policies of the US President Biden continue to roll out in implementing illegal drugs as millions of illegal trafficking cartel companies and immigrants now have the access to illicitly bring narcotics to the US.

The crises are howling not only communities near the border but far from them as well. Through this, the consequences of the fentanyl trade are potentially causing deaths and abnormalities in the American citizen, according to Sara Carter who interviews on Tuesday to Hannity.

“Tens of thousands of bereaved parents as well as law enforcement officials across the country are trying to warn the nation about a crisis, a drug crisis of non-addicts, where counterfeit fentanyl pills and fentanyl are killing our children and killing people regardless of age,” spoke to the host Sean Hannity, prior to looking at the inside of Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab.

Jennifer Hatch, a crime lab agent, told Carter that they are trying their best to combat the surge of illegal drugs with the new repercussions of the ‘new analogues’. Plus, the quantities of the fatal toxins that are coming to the US.

According to Hatch, the lab agent said that it only takes 2 mg of fentanyl to kill an adult and is hardly noticeable when tested. These drugs are now easily available in the school and the common places and are easily accessible. They can be used by the suspects to mix in the cocktail where the racing amounts are negligible.

The fentanyl seized by the security authorities and was brought to the Huston lab disclosed that the drug is largely making its way through the southern borders instead of China or illegally through the mail.

“People who think they can tell the difference between a real oxycontin and one that’s been manufactured in some lab somewhere, maybe in a trailer in Mexico, tell me how a layman can tell the difference. Can they?”

“It’s really hard,” replied Hatch. “Even … in the lab, they can fool us. We don’t usually know it’s not a real tablet until we run it on our instruments and that it’s not totally different.”

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