9/11 Anniversary: The aftermath of deadly attacks which transformed the world forever

The 9/11 attack shook Americans to the core. The terrorist attack made Americans think that they are unsafe even in their own homes. The deadly attacks which wiped the World Trade Center’s twin buildings from the face of the earth! Most importantly – the attack which united the Americans like one nation, we will be commemorating 20 years to that horrendous act of terror yet we as a nation are more divided today than ever.

In a few days, the world will commemorate the 9/11 anniversary – and this is the right time to reminisce about what happened in the past 20 years.

“The terrorist attacks highlighted at least two values shared by Montclair and Franklin: love of a country that embraces communities as different as they are, and fury at anyone who threatens it.”

Now America is more divided than ever. No one in their wildest imagination would’ve thought that the racial partiality will be at its peak within the next 10, 20 years when these attacks took place.

The Capitol Hill riots, the deterioration of the economy, the bad decisions by the selected governments, unfruitful wars like Iraq, and the latest withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan have all led to one conclusion – the devastating attacks on the United States of America 20 years ago have homegrown its seeds in the country.

horrendous attack on America
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The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks

The aftermath was gruesome yet brought some victories such as the killing of the mastermind of the deadly attacks – Osama Bin Laden. The war on terrorism spread across countries but the worse part was polarization within the country.

President George W. Bush waged war against Afghanistan, the home for Al-Qaeda which took responsibility for the attacks and weakened the strength of the Taliban. He turned the besieged country into a functional democracy but that didn’t last forever. And we saw how Afghanistan fell back into the hands of the Taliban just a few days ago.

The 20th anniversary of the 11th September attacks is like reflecting in time! how the world has transformed since the deadly day. The time when people were frantically calling each other to know their wellbeing to the times of social media and other instant apps which can connect you immediately with your loved ones.

America – a sepia nation – is united to stay divided. Sadly, the damage has been done and the generations to come will be witnessing the fruits of this polarization sowed deep in our nation.

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