Faith Hedgepeth murder case: Man arrested 9 years after the incident took place!

Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares, a 28-year-old man has been arrested in the 2012 murder of Faith Hedgepeth, against DNA evidence. After 9 years of no quantitative success in the case, Salguero-Olivares was taken into custody this Thursday by local officials of the Chapel Hill Police.

Faith was 19 at the time, studying at the University of North Carolina and living off-campus with her housemate Karena Rosario, who was the one to report the murder to 911. The victim and Rosario were hanging out at a local Chapel Hill bar called The Thrill, the night of the murder. After getting home together around 2 a.m., Rosario went out again and got back home around 11 a.m. to find Faith’s body.

The University of North Carolina and the Town of Chapel Hill have released statements after the development in the Faith Hedgepeth murder case. Nine years and nine days ago tragedy struck this community, our community. We asked you to trust us. We promised you that we would one day make an arrest. Today we can report that we’re making good on that promise. Chris Blue, Chief of Chapel Hill Police told media reporters.

Faith’s family, friends, and community are reportedly grateful for the development, albeit too late. Police reports on the case included the scene of the crime as well as details from the autopsy report. The chilling report mentioned semen residue on the body but the recent charge and arrest do not include sexual assault or rape so far.

Karena Rosario, Faith Hedgepeth’s roommate’s boyfriend was previously suspected to be involved in the murder. Eriq Takoy Jones’s attorney reported that the arrest of Salguero-Olivares proves he is innocent, what they have been saying for a while. Jones was also tested for the DNA match, which came out negative, but there have been no official statements by the Chapel Hill Police on that so far.

The police report also included a handwritten note found beside the dead body at the scene of the crime. There were no matches found with either the handwriting or DNA sample found at the scene of the crime 9 years and 9 days ago, until this week.

Officials didn’t provide additional details regarding Salguero-Olivares’s arrest or relation to Hedgepeth.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue further reported at a conference held outside the Chapel Hill Town Hill, Patience will be asked of you, this story will take time to completely unfold.

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