How to get a divorce with no money?

What do you think could happen when you want to move from an unhealthy relationship and have no money? You may have asked yourself if money is all it takes then it would take ages to get out of the toxic relationship. Is the divorce option only for the wealthier ones?

If this is what you think, then think twice because here we are going to give you an overview of how to get a divorce with no money.

Oftentimes you don’t need to hire an attorney who files a divorce on your behalf, takes the case to the court, and performs legal responsibilities. Many online dispute resolution platforms extended to divorce are present which comparatively are an inexpensive path from a legally binding divorce.

But what if you don’t want to give or have a divorce through an online platform, this may be because you don’t have the entire knowledge of the platform or maybe you’re not tech-savvy.

Fortunately, other options can be availed if you are in difficult financial situations.

Divorce fee waiver

In case you are unsure how to get a divorce with no money, then you should try to find out if your state has an indigent divorce fee waiver program through which you can easily file a divorce and request the court to waive the legal charges linked with the process. The program is specially designed for people having financial constraints and who couldn’t afford to pay for procedures linked with the legal divorce process.

To get the divorce applications

In getting your charges waived for the divorce process, the first thing you need to get is a divorce application. For this, check out local family courts or local divorce courts and get the application. You need to get a form for your divorce along with the form for the fee waiver. Ask for any instruction manual booklet to fill the forms that will help you filling and filing the form procedures.

You can also ask the clerk in the court office if you have any confusion or question regarding your divorce and fee waiver forms, they would help you in every possible way. Also, ask for the state requirements. It may be impossible for you to file the divorce form unless you meet your state requirements.

Fill in the requested information such as children, debts, assets, date of marriage, and the reason for divorce. You may be also asked to indicate if you need funds from your ex-spouse concerning child support, assets, or alimony.

Providing financial proof

For the process of fee waiver, you have to prove to the court that you can’t afford the legal charges and you are indigent. This will involve proof of the income or financial support you receive such as social security, payroll, and disability support, assets such as credit cards and bank accounts, and debt like utility bills, loans, and credit cards. You may also be requested to submit tax returns.

The fee waiver form will tell you exactly what needs to be submitted to get your fees waived. This is not something that you have to do extra for your waiver, everyone who is pursuing divorce must conclude the financial terms during the divorce process.

File the fee waiver form

The moment you gather all the documents needed for the fee waiver form, you need to file the forms with the required documents. For this, the documents first need to be authenticated. They could be certified from your bank (if you are providing bank details) or a clerk can authenticate them when you file the forms.

Next step

Once you file your documents, a court employee or the sitting judge will review them and find if you are poor and can’t afford the fees for divorce. It may require a hearing, so the judge can call you to answer some questions. If you convince the judge in your favor, the judge can simply waive your entire fee or defer it, which means you need to pay a much lesser amount later.

This may be because the court sees that you will be getting a part of the assets in the future after the settlement of your divorce. After the approval of your waiver, your divorce case will continue to move forward. The simplest and easiest way to get things done smoothly is to appear in front of the judge and tell the court about your settlement. Another way to move forward with your divorce is to file a divorce form as an uncontested method. In this method, your ex doesn’t need to appear in court and the process will be comparatively processed quickly and you will get through the case without even paying a single dime.

Legal divorce aid

If you are not sure that you can handle your divorce procedures and the fee waiver requests by yourself, then possibly a legal aid service in your area or the volunteer lawyer program at your local bar association can help you to carry forward the process.

These programs and associations provide legal assistance at no or low cost if you are indigent.

Fortunately, you can get yourself free from toxic relationships easily. You won’t need a fortune for your freedom as American law will ABC you up.

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