Affordable Care Act – Is it illegal not to have Health Insurance?

is it illegal not to have health insurance

Is it necessary to have health insurance? According to ACA – Affordable Care Act legislation in 2010 the health insurance coverage was made affordable and accessible to Americans. It opened the eligibility of Medicaid to low-income individuals and households, providing them health facilities through imposing tax subsidies. According to the act, individuals should have health … Read more

Superstar Rihanna has reached a settlement with her father after two years – drops lawsuit against him!

Rihanna drops lawsuit against her father mere 2 weeks before trial

Rihanna is dropping her lawsuit against Ronald Fenty after more than two years where she accused him of using his fame for profits in the lawsuit. The news got confirmed as she dropped the lawsuit against her father merely 2 weeks before appearing in court. According to the court documents, the renowned singer and businesswoman … Read more

Writer-Producer Joseph Bryan Shot Dead in his Car

Joseph Byran, writer of a latest Ice-T’s movie, shot dead

The producer and writer of a recent film featuring Ice-T is one of the city’s newest shooting victims when he was shot down while he was seated in his new Mercedes-Benz. Joseph “Taheim” Bryan, 50, the man behind the action film “Equal Standard,” was murdered Thursday at 11:15 p.m. while driving a 2021 sedan, law … Read more

How to protect your intellectual property from your employer? Here’s the answer to your query!

How to protect your intellectual property from your employer

As your new product development comes to light, your first thought may be to let the world know about it. While shouting your success from the rooftops seems quite appealing, but before you jump into this, you are required to consider how to protect what you have worked so hard to develop. Most employees are … Read more

Effective ways on how to dispute a false positive drug test result that are 100% guaranteed!

how to dispute a false positive drug test

An increasing number of people are required to undergo drug testing in order to obtain employment. It is a shock or often an embarrassment for someone who abstains from illegal drug use to take a positive drug test. Drug tests are prerequisites in many private and government sectors, sports, healthcare, schools, and hospitals etcetera when … Read more