Long Term effects of Prescription Drugs

prescription drugs

Several kinds of prescription drugs are available in the market that has the potential of addiction and their regular use can lead you to engage in drug abuse. Long term effects of prescription drugs can lead to negative consequences such as health issues that can be mental and physical. Mental issues may include anxiety, depression, … Read more

Elmiron side effects and Lawsuits


Elmiron is a medicine used to treat patients of bladder infection known as interstitial cystitis. Elmiron was approved on 26 September 1996, by the FDA and was considered safe to use until a study came out in May 2018, which stated that Elmiron is the reason behind retinal damage called maculopathy. The study also confirmed … Read more

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)

Drug Policy Alliance

Drug Policy Alliance came into being after the merger of the Lindesmith Center and Drug Policy Foundation. Drug Policy Foundation was founded in 1987 as a not-for-profit organization with around 25 thousand members, who support the legal drug policies. Lindesmith Center on the other hand deals with researching drug policy reforms. The merger ensured that … Read more

Prescription Drug Coverage – General Information

Prescription Drug Coverage

A comprehensive insurance plan usually covers prescription drug coverage. But the world is facing a rise in drug prices overall, which compelled the insurance companies to restrict their coverage plans. They’ve set a limit on the number of coverages they provide in prescription plans. This shows that the citizens of America who have any public … Read more

How not to spend on an Opioid Settlement?

Opioid Settlement

What happens when you feel a serious ankle sprain or toothache? It’s a common practice to rush to your medicine cabinet and look for the leftover painkillers. You would want something that can quickly help you get rid of the pain. And certainly, there’s no harm in popping out an opioid, right? Think again! What … Read more

Different types of Drugs and their Effects

Drugs and their Effects

How a drug affects your body depends upon various factors including your health, medical symptoms, and the strength of absorbing the drug in your body. Different types of drugs react differently in individuals. For instance, a multivitamin may make a person feel healthy and energetic throughout the day but let’s say if a diabetic person … Read more

What do Medical Lawyers do & why do you need them?

medical lawyer

Working as a medical lawyer or learning health related laws does not mean that you will be filing malpractice lawsuits your entire life. Medical laws are as wide as the subject of medicine itself, which includes public medical policies, bioethics, simplifying and explaining new regulations to the clients, etc. Medical lawyers do not work differently … Read more

What are Recreational drugs? Are recreational drugs legal?

recreational drugs

Drugs that are taken for fun and enjoyment are referred to as recreational drugs such as caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. These drugs are started to gain satisfaction or to improve the pleasure of life to some extent. However, regular intake of these drugs can develop social and health problems; whereas some drug addicts become criminals … Read more

15 Legal Drugs that are Harmful for Teens

legal drugs

It is nearly impossible to convince a teenager about the deadly effects of drugs. Despite all the warnings, they have an extraordinary insensitive behavior towards the repercussions that make them think that nothing will ever happen to them, whatever anyone says or thinks. But, drugs show their true colors when teens get addicted to them. … Read more